The 20 highest paid women in Hollywood

From Billie Eilish to Serena Williams, these women are making millions!

It’s always interesting to know how much celebrities earn, but these stats have us actually shook. According to JustJared, Forbes recently shared some data on the highest paid women in Hollywood this year and not only is the list surprising, but the person at number one is hundreds of million dollars richer than the second highest paid person in the biz. 

From acclaimed tennis players to pop stars, these are officially Hollywood’s 20 highest paid female stars.

20. Angelina Jolie


Maleficent star and actress Angelina Jolie reportedly earns $35.5 million USD.

19. Serena Williams

Former world no. 1 in women’s singles and professional tennis player Serena Williams reportedly earns $36 million USD.

18. Oprah Winfrey

Legendary TV show host, author and actress Oprah Winfrey reportedly earns $37 million USD.

17. Naomi Osaka

Professional tennis player and no. 1 by the World Tennis Association Naomi Osaka reportedly earns $37.4 million USD. Last month, the 22-year-old athlete joined the wave of athletes going on strike to protest for Black lives.

16. Lady Gaga

Singer, actress and 2020 VMAs winner Lady Gaga reportedly earns $38 million USD. Given her recent album Chromatica, we’re surprised she’s not higher on the list tbh. 

15. Katy Perry

Singer and recent baby mumma Katy Perry reportedly earns $38.5 million USD.

14. Heidi Klum

Model, fashion designer and entrepreneur Heidi Klum reportedly earns $39.5 million USD.

13. Cline Dion


Singer Celine Dion reportedly earns $42 million USD.

12. Sofia Vergara

Modern Family star and actress Sofia Vergara reportedly makes $43 million USD.

11. Rihanna

Singer, actress and makeup, lingerie and skincare mogul Rihanna reportedly earns $46 million USD—could be more if she released that long awaited album, imo.

10. Pink

Singer Pink reportedly earns $47 million USD.

9. Jennifer Lopez

Hustlers star, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez reportedly makes $47.5 million USD.

8. Judge Judy


*The* Judge Judy is officially one of the highest paid women in Hollywood. The iconic TV show courtroom host and judge reportedly earns $49 million USD.

7. Kim Kardashian West

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star turned beauty mogul and model Kim Kardashian West reportedly earns $49.5 million USD.

6. Billie Eilish 

The 18-year-old multi-Grammy-award-winning teen reportedly makes $53 million USD.

5. JK Rowling


The author of Harry Potter, who has made several harmful transphobic comments, unfortunately makes $60 million USD. Please… say JK. 

4. Taylor Swift

Folklore singer Taylor Swift reportedly earns $63.5 million USD. We wonder how much of that came from her folklore cardigan sales… 

3. Ariana Grande


Singer, actress, VMAs award winner and all-time Girlfriend fave Ariana Grande reportedly earns $72 million USD.

2. Ellen DeGeneres

TV show host Ellen DeGeneres, who has been accused by several ex and current coworkers of creating a toxic working environment, reportedly earns $84 million USD. 

1.Kylie Jenner


The 23-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, socialite, Kylie Cosmetics owner and model reportedly makes a whopping $590 million USD—over $500 million USD more than DeGeneres. 

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