Everything We Know About Harry Styles’ Potential Beauty Brand Pleasing

Welp, there goes our savings.
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Harry Styles may just be launching his own beauty line and, all we can say is, we’re sure Kylie Jenner is sweating right now.

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After years of fans begging Harry to drop his skincare routine, the musician and actor is finally delving into the world of beauty. Don’t be shy, Harry… film your everyday routine with Vogue. And, while you’re at it, a 73 Questions wouldn’t hurt.

So, what exactly do we know about Harry’s new beauty line? Scroll on to find out.

Beauty gurus are quaking. (Credit: Getty)

Basically, it all started back in May when Harry Styles’ team reportedly filed a trademark for a beauty company called “Pleased As Holdings Limited”.

In the documents, obtained by US Weekly, Harry and his executive assistant Emma Spring were listed as directors of the company.

Detectives (sorry, we mean, Stan Twitter) then discovered that the address listed on the paperwork was the same address as Harry’s recording label, Erskine Records Ltd. The business was listed as a “wholesale of perfume and cosmetics”.

Naturally, everyone freaked out. A lot. Forget a candle that smells like Harry Styles, were we about to be gifted his very own scent from the source himself??

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The Don’t Worry Darling star was then spotted donning a hoodie with the word ‘Pleasing’, as well as a ‘Pleasing’ sticker on his phone case. It’s the shameless self-promotion for us.

Jump to now and Harry’s My Policeman co-star and good friend Emma Corrin has sparked Stan-Twitter-meltdown-number-two after her photoshoot with W Magazine.

Despite the details being in the smallest of print, fans were quick to spot that, for the shoot, Emma had received “a manicure by Simone Cummins for Pleasing at CLM”. Get you a friend that reps your unreleased beauty products 🙏.

Not only that, the Crown star was styled by Harry Lambert, who dresses the former One Direction member all. the. damn. time.


Harry and his team have stayed characteristically silent about this whole thing, so thank you Detective Twitter for your service. 

Anyway, consider us well and truly on board for Harry Styles–esque nail polish… and perfume… and anything else he wants to sell us, really.

Stay tuned, we’re sure more news is to come!

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