Harry Styles has short hair again and his fans are lapping it up

Um, it's also curly now? 🥰

Harry Styles has changed his hair and while it hasn’t quite broken the internet, it has got fans incredibly excited. Who else could get, “HE CUT HIS HAIR!” trending on Twitter within hours of a new photo? Only Styles, of course.

The “Watermelon Sugar“‘ singer has been rocking longer curly hair for a good few months of this year (no doubt induced a little bit by the coronavirus pandemic), which fans had deemed “frat boy” hair. And who could forget the slightly controversial Mario moustache he wore in Italy?

In new photos of the singer and actor out and about in Los Angeles this weekend, fans were treated to Styles with a much shorter hairstyle, similar to the way he wore his hair during the era of his appearance in the film Dunkirk. 

“all the dunkirk harry stans are freaking out right now i just know it,” one fan tweeted alongside the new photos of Styles and two throwback pics of him in the film and on the red carpet. “this is dunkirk harry but UPGRADED bc of the curls in top… im living,” wrote another.

Others marked it as a return to “actor Harry.” Styles is set to star in Olivia Wilde’s new movie Don’t Worry Darling, which has apparently started filming recently.

It’s not the first time this year the internet has gone into a frenzy over the actor cleaning up his look. Back in September, the actor debuted a much more “cherub” inspired hair-do and the internet lost it. 

We can only imagine what’ll trend when the new movie and new music actually comes out.


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