Are Harry Styles & Lizzo Collabing Or Did We Just Get Hizzo Baited?

It's time to investigate.
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We don’t mean to alarm anyone but there is a chance we might be getting a Harry Styles and Lizzo collab.

WATCH: Harry Styles perfectly covers Lizzo’s Juice on BBC Live Lounge

Exhibit A: Radio stations all over Instagram (like kiss108, g105radio, and kc1013fm) posting a picture of Harry and Lizzo with the caption: “busy being unbothered”. Guys, the only thing we’re bothered by is the crypticness.

Exhibit B: Lizzo teasing a BIG announcement on Instagram yesterday, writing “Don’t even like this post cus you REALLY gon like my post tomorrow.” OK, consider us confused but excited.

Exhibit C: Harry also teasing “new music” last month when he announced his tour had been rescheduled. 

While it may seem like an open and shut case, the plot of the Hizzo collab has well and truly thickened.

Time to start manifesting a Hizzo collab. (Credit: Instagram)

Today, Lizzo announced her latest single Rumours to be released on the 13th August. And Harry is nowhere to be seen.

Taking to her Instagram, Lizzo shared a breathtaking self-portrait, clad in diamonds, writing “NEW ERA B*TCH. ‘RUMOURS 8/13”.

Fans in the comments were a tad confused, questioning whether or not there is going to be a Hizzo collab.

But while some lamented that they didn’t manifest hard enough, others are still holding out hope that the radio stations’ teasers mean that Lizzo’s new album will feature a certain Mr. Styles.

Whoever was in charge of the seating plan at the 2020 Brits, you deserve a raise. (Credit: ITV)

While we continue to manifest a Hizzo collab, here’s a look back at their friendship timeline.

Harry and Lizzo’s friendship began in December 2019 after Harry covered her song Juice in the BBC’s radio Live Lounge.

After absolutely smashing the performance, Harry told the BBC that Lizzo is “exactly what you want an artist to be…which is yourself”, while also joking that he covered the song purely to get on the musician’s radar.

Well, he most certainly succeeded, as Lizzo shared the cover on Twitter with the caption, “You know what this means right….”. Oh, so cryptic Hizzo has been around from the start, got it.

Iconic. (Credit: Getty)

In January 2020, the musicians finally teamed up in the flesh for a live performance of Juice in Miami at Lizzo’s Super Bowl LIV concert. 

The following month, Lizzo took to the BBC Live Lounge to return the favour by performing Harry’s hit single, Adore You.

Soon after, the duo reunited at the 2020 Brit Awards where they sat back-to-back and drank some tequila together. To whoever was in charge of the seating plan for the awards, you deserve a raise.

WATCH: Lizzo flirts with Harry Styles at BRITs 2020 (Article continues after video)

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Then a thing called COVID happened and we were deprived of any more Hizzo moments until March this year, when the musicians reunited at The Grammys.

Sharing two behind the scenes photos from near their trailers, Lizzo vocalised her support for her industry pal after his first Grammy win, writing, “HARRY WON A GRAMMY !!!! @harrystyles”.

And, who knows, if the collab rumours are true, maybe they’ll be winning their next Grammy together. 

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