Congrats, Halsey Is Pregnant!

Here’s when we predict we can expect to see her first born.
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Congratulations are in order for Grammy-nominated singer Halsey, who is pregnant. 

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Taking to Instagram on Thursday, the 26-year-old announced the news in the caption of a gorgeous snap, which shows the performer sporting a knitted rainbow bra-top, baggy low-riding jeans, and her estimated 25-week-long baby bump.

“Surprise,” she captioned the photos by photographer Sam Dameshek.

And naturally, as is tradition of celebrity baby news in the extremely online times we live in, people are already predicting what beloved baby godmother Taylor Swift is gonna send over to lil baby Halsey.


Who Is The Father Of Halsey’s Baby?

While the father of Halsey’s baby hasn’t been officially confirmed, we did spot that she tagged a man named Alev Aydin (@zoneaydin on Instagram) in the announcement post. 

According to E!, Alev is a 37-year-old screenwriter and producer, who’s only been photographed with the 26-year-old popstar once back in October when the pair were shopping for art supplies in Los Angeles. 

But, despite being barely romantically linked together, that hasn’t stopped him from showing how excited he is to be a father. Aydin confirmed their lil rom-com story by sharing Halsey’s pregnancy post over on his Instagram Story with an added pair of red heart emojis. 

Then, he commented on her post, “Heart so full, I love you, sweetness.” In response, Halsey replied “I love you!! And I love this mini human already!”

When Is Halsey’s Baby Due?

Looking at Halsey’s surprise picture of her pregnancy on Instagram, we suspect she’s roughly 25 weeks. So, we’re expecting Halsey’s baby to make its arrival around late April or early May—a lil taurus bby? We love that for her!

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