Here’s Why Fans Are Convinced Hailey Bieber Is Pregnant

Do we have another Kylie situation on our hands?
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Justin and Hailey Bieber have sparked pregnancy rumours and so it looks like our first love broke our heart for the first (700th) time (OG Beliebers will get the reference).

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First it was Kylie Jenner’s nails giving away the fact that she and Travis Scott were expecting, now eagle-eyed fans think they’ve cottoned on to a telling clue that another famous couple are hiding a similar secret.

The speculation started at yesterday’s Met Gala; your faves showed up in droves, with outfits that got *um* different levels of praise (let’s just say some followed the theme more closely than others).

Two celebs that may have fallen into the latter camp, at least as far as Twitter is concerned, are Justin and Hailey Bieber. 

Justin donned a dark suit with a Drew suitcase and Hailey opted for a plunging, black column gown from Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. (Credit: Getty)

But it wasn’t just their outfits making headlines. After the musician and model rocked up to the gala and posed for customary photos, fans noticed a slightly awkward interaction between the married couple.

In the footage, Justin places his hand on his wife’s belly before she promptly removes it and he puts it swiftly in his pocket (smooth JB, no one noticed a thing). Take a look for yourself.

While Hailey simply could have wanted the photographers to get a full glimpse of her outfit, the small gesture, as well as her outfit in general, sparked a lot of commentary on Twitter. 

Take a look. 


Could Justin and Hailey be getting a baby, baby, baby? 👀Well, neither of the celebs have confirmed it – so we’ll just have to wait and see. 

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