Hailey Bieber gets “really annoyed” with Justin for a very niche reason

"It's fine. I've accepted it. I can live with it."

Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Bieber (formerly Baldwin) have been pretty open about the details of their relationship. Hailey’s spoken in the past about being “ridden with guilt” during the first six months of her marriage and now she’s opening up about what annoys her about her partner.

In a new interview, the model revealed that she actually gets annoyed at her husband’s lashes, because they’re longer than hers. 

“My husband actually has way longer lashes than I do, and I get really annoyed,” she explained. “[Mine are] visible, they’re there, but they’re not super long. It’s fine. I’ve accepted it. I can live with it.”

The model’s joking admission is probably all in good fun though. She also spoke in the interview about getting Justin into skincare, one of her keen interests.

“He cares a lot about what’s going on with his skin because he knows how much I love it,” she explained, later adding, “Justin was struggling a bit with acne. I tried to help him clear that and get that under control and it is working. It’s gone, and he’s really happy. I give him all of the tips that I use personally and I’ve given him products that I use.”

Ah yes, the skincare glow-up thanks to your GF: a tale as old as time.

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