Did G Flip And The Bachelor’s Brooke Blurton Just Confirm Their Romance?

Brooke's IG Stories say, "oui!"

Aussie singer G Flip may have just spilled the beans on their surprise Valentine’s Day gifter: The Bachelor star Brooke Blurton. 

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WATCH: G-Flip says she was “wooed” by a surprise Valentine.

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Last weekend on Valentine’s Day, our Crocs-loving “Queen,” G Flip, cryptically shared that she had been sent roses from a “surprise” Valentine’s Day bae. Gushing with the excitement that only comes from the start of a new romance, she was, in her own words, “wooed” by this mysterious lover. 

When the news first broke, she hadn’t confirmed the identity of the mysterious new love interest in her life, but fans had already speculated that it was Noongar and Yamatji woman and reality TV star Brooke Blurton. And now, it seems like we have some concrete proof that the pair are at least very good, fun and flirty friends.

Over this weekend, Blurton and G Flip, both 26, attended the Australian Open in Melbourne together. During their date, Blurton shared a series of adorable pics and videos watching G Flip perform from the crowd, clearly suffering from a warm butterfly-inducing crush. 

G Flip
G Flip on Brooke Blurton’s Instagram Stories. Instagram (So Dramatic Podcast)

“Isn’t she just 😍,” the former Bachie contestant wrote in a pic of G Flip performing with a guitar strapped around her neck. 

So, it seems like G Flip isn’t the only one who was wooed. Later in the evening, the pair went to the Tennis Open match together, where Blurton shared another cute pic of G Flip and seemingly confirmed she was her surprise Valentine. 

“Guys, G Flip has officially ‘wooed’ me with sport 😂,” she wrote in the pic, referencing G Flip’s own reaction to her illustrious gifter.

G Flip
G Flip “wooed” Brooke Blurton during their rumoured date at the Tennis Open this weekend. Instagram (So Dramatic Podcast)

For the big day, G-Flip sent Brooke Blurton a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

In the photo revealing the gift, Brooke tagged G-Flip and wrote, “Guys, I still can’t get over how huge this bouquet is.” Neither can we!

G Flip
Brooke Blurton in awe over the huge bouquet of flowers G Flip got her for Valentine’s Day. (Credit: Instagram)

When did G Flip and Brooke Blurton start dating?

It’s unclear when exactly G Flip and Brooke Blurton first started dating — or whether exactly they officially are but they are defintiely spending a lot of time together. The pair have only recently been tagging each other on Instagram, so we suspect their little romance is in its early honeymoon stages.

G Flip was previously romantically linked with Aussie singer, dancer and actress Jemma Kayla Williams, before she flew to work at Universal Studios Japan last year. 

“Tonight I have to say goodbye to my lover girl, @jemmwill,” she wrote in a tribute back in January 2020. “She’s moving to Japan to work for over a year. I love you Jemmmy and I’m very proud of you and I can’t wait to visit you, thanks for being my bestie and my rock. I’ve loved every minute of you by my side.”

G Flip
G Flip and her ex, Jemma Kayla Williams. (Credit: Instagram)

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