FYI, Ur Fave Flex Mami Is Heading To The Big Brother House

Shall we say, Abbie Chatfield and Flex Mami reality TV superiority?

Last night, Channel Seven gave us our first look at 2021’s season of Big Brother: a renovated Big Brother home featuring wild amusement-like challenges, drama and big personalities. But, the biggest takeaway for us? The new season will star an all-time fave: MTV presenter, DJ, podcast aficionado and style icon, FlexMami. 

WATCH: FlexMami on breaking the busy curse

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While this new season’s cast ranges from a 65-year-old fashion icon to a literal magician, it’s Flex that we’re reallyyy excited for. In case you aren’t aware, FlexMami, real name Lillian Ahenkan, is a woman of many, many hats — literally. 

Don’t believe us? To some, she’s the Fairy Nut Mother for vibrator recommendations, to others she’s decolonising your mind on her podcast Bobo and Flex and even designing her own card game called ReFlex The Game, featuring conversation starters about topics often left in the DMs at 3am. Flex has made a platform discussing taboo convos and making you rethink the way you act about certain things — which is, imo, why we’re so excited to see her compete on Big Brother Australia this year. Let’s call it what it is: a perfect recipe for engaging and meaningful reality TV. 

FlexMami is one of the contestants on Big Brother 2021 (Instagram).

And, with fellow internet fave Abbie Chatfield winning the title of Queen of the Jungle on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! earlier this year, a show that touched on toxic masculinity, sexism and other issues, we can’t wait to see what convos Flex makes the country have. And who knows, we might be seeing both of our queens in 2021’s Aussie reality TV Hall of Fame. Abbie Chatfield and FlexMami superiority, anyone?

But, for those of y’all who aren’t aware of the woman who’s about to bless your TV screens, here’s everything you need to know about Big Brother 2021 contestant, FlexMami.

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Who Is FlexMami?

FlexMami is a Ghanian-Australian Sydney-based DJ, author, TV presenter and podcast host extraordinaire. Winner of E!’s Social Star of 2020, Flex is the creator of the card game ReFlex The Game; the co-host behind the cross-continental podcast exploring identity and intersectionality; and a former MTV presenter. Her first book The Success Experiment, is also said to release in June this year — fittingly, just in time for her reality TV appearance.

Outside of her on-camera and on-voice career, Flex influences us all to invest in avaunt-basic decor with her quirky home design purchases—from mushroom stools taken out of the pages of a fairy tale to pillows and bed quilts in cow print and colourful checkered patterns from her own merch brand, Flex Factory

FlexMami’s cow print pillow cases (Instagram).
FlexMami’s bold coasters and wavy-shaped coffee table (Instagram).
FlexMami’s pink and baby blue checker print dinner plates (Instagram).

Oh, and she’s a total fashion icon. From bold colour blocking combos to a smart-casual blazer-themed fit, Flex knows her way around making any stylish look for any occasion. 

FlexMami in a soft lilac jumper and lime green skirt (Instagram).
FlexMami sported a chic beige blazer and zebra print handbag (Instagram).
FlexMami glowing in a gorgeous orange off the shoulder top and hot pink combo (Instagram).

What Is FlexMami Known For?

FlexMami is best known for her thought-provoking convo-starters and taboo topics explored in her DMs, a presenting personality that lights up the virtual room or every video she’s in, and her line of homeware and card games at Flex Factory. Oh, and the near infinite range of podcasts she produces.

FlexMami’s thought-provoking card game, ReFlex The Game (Instagram).

Where Can I Listen To FlexMami?

When it comes to podcast hustling, FlexMami is It. The 26-year-old is best known for her podcast, Bobo and Flex, which she does alongside American philosopher Bobo Matjila. But, you can also catch her enlightening, educating and entertaining you on all sorts of things on Whatever I Want by FlexMami, as well as give you a local history lesson on Flex’s Semi Factual History Lessons

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