A very important investigation into Felix Mallard’s rumoured GF, Zoe Crammond

FYI: She's v v cool.
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If good communication is the most important part of any solid relationship, then at Girlfriend, we are just acing matters of the heart by finding out everything there is to know about our *boyfriend*, ahem, crush Felix Mallard’s rumoured girlfriend, Zoe Crammond.

WATCH: Zoe’s Day On Set – Neighbours backstage.

Sure, curiosity can also kill the messenger, but we obviously have to know everything about Felix, even if it means admitting our relationship exists only in our heads.

And while neither Felix nor Zoe, who is also an actor, have confirmed their relationship, we are under good TikTok authority that the two were spotted together at the Neighbour’s Sydney and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade in 2019. 

And not long after, the sloothy TikTokers cemented their hunch with an interview posted to Instagram of Felix and his Ginny and Georgia co-star Antonia Gentry.

When the pair were asked about the first person that messaged them after Ginny & Georgia dropped on Netflix, we were hit with the big reveal: woe to teens across the world, Felix Mallard is off the market. 

“Yeah, my girlfriend was straight on the jump,” he said as he clapped his hands together with a love-smitten smile. “As soon as it was out, [she binged it] straight through.”

Since then, fans have been hell-bent on finding out who the gal was, and with the above in mind, many have reason to believe it was his former Neighbours co-star, Zoe. 

So who is Zoe Crammond? Here are all the deets.

Watch this to see the TikTok post that spun the rumour mill here: 

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She’s a stunner. (Credit: Instagram)

How old is Zoe, and where is she from?

Zoe is 36-years-old, and she was born on 8 October 1984 in Papamoa, New Zealand.

This means that Zoe’s sun sign is Libra and because Felix is an Aries King, this could mean they are textbook opposites who work well together.

The brunette Kiwi studied at Unitec Institute of Technology, where she studied graphic design, and after completing her degree, she decided to start acting.

This is such a cute lil avo pic. (Credit: Instagram)

Zoe’s Aussie acting career 

Zoe has been acting since 2007, when she had a small part in Bridge To Teribithia (which was a big movie at the time), but she didn’t get her big break until she landed a role on the iconic Aussie TV show Packed To The Rafters.

She appeared on the shows fourth and fifth season from 2011-2012 as a recurring character called Emma Mackey, who was Ben Rafter’s (played by Hugh Sheridan) love interest.

Her time on the hit show opened-up doors for Emma to star on Neighbours, where it seems she fell head over heels for a charming Felix Mallard.

Zoe played Amy Williams on the soap from 2015 to 2019, which overlap with Felix’s run from 2016-2018.

Amy is a female tradie who Zoe defined to 10 Play in a 2015 interview as “quite straightforward and opinionated.”

She also revealed why she loves her character, “The fact she was a female tradie really interested me.

“It’s good to have those role models out there on Neighbours, kids can watch growing up, it’s a role that I found unique in that sense.”

Watch this Q&A with Zoe Cramond and Natt Wilson on the Neighbours set. 

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What does Zoe do when she isn’t acting?

Zoe loves to share insights on her Instagram @zoecramond, which boasts almost 50k followers, and something she regularly posts about is her love of surfing.

We are only a little envious to find out that Zoe grew up in Waihi, a New Zealand surf town where she learnt how to shred waves. Legit, screaming idyllic and gnarly at the same time. 

In a 2011 interview with The Beast, Zoe shared that she started surfing at 14.

“I learnt at Waihi Beach with my best friend. We learnt together and we were always the chicks with all the surfer guys,” Zoe told the publication. 

So yea, she’s like, really really cool. That’s cool. Cool cool cool…


According to her Instagram she is also a Yoga lover, obsessed with avocados (cause who isn’t) and she loves going for hikes.

Zoe on a hike. ‘Cos she’s cool like that. (Credit: Instagram)

But more importantly she has a gorgeous pooch and in a cute post on Instagram she introduced the pup with the sweet caption, “Meet Smudge. She’s a natural – got the bored model look down!”

Lil bby Smudge. (Credit: Instagram)

Has Felix made an appearance on Zoe’s Instagram?

Ok, so ideally Felix and Zoe will make themselves Instagram official with a pic of them surfing.

There is evidence that Felix can surf and it would be a nice consolation prize with his wet hair perfectly flopped over his face.

But for real Zoe seems like a down-to-earth Kiwi with an enviable chill surfer girl and yoga lovin vibe.

Go on, we ship ’em. 

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