Every Felix Mallard Moment That Left Our Hands All Gross And Sweaty

Ten of the best moments from the Ginny and Georgia star.

If we asked you who’s your celebrity crush right now, there’s a real good chance you’ll say Felix Mallard.

WATCH: Felix Mallard reveals the time Harry Styles called him

The 22-year-old Melbourne-born hottie may have just revealed he’s got a girlfriend, but that hasn’t stopped our hands getting all gross and sweaty.Starting his career on Australian staple Neighbours before departing Ramsay Street for the Hollywood Hills, the local Aussie has quickly snatched up the Netflix heartthrob spot — and our hearts — from Noah Centineo and even giving Moxie star Nico Hiraga and Spidey’s Tom Holland a run for their money. 

And, whether you know him as Marcus Baker in Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia, or as the Harry Styles-inspired heartthrob in the tragically cancelled Happy Together, we can guarantee you know he’s got a jawline that could cut glass, and one you hope to use to deliciously devour the platters upon platters of fancams of him on TikTok.

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And honestly, it isn’t at all that surprising. In an interview on The Late Show with James Corden—baby’s first late night gig—Felix explained that after he auditioned to play Cooper, the Harry Styles-like figure in Happy Together, he got a surprising phone call from the Grammy-performing artist.

“I was expecting a call from Ben, our executive producer, sitting around waiting for that and all of a sudden, the phone rings and an unknown number pops up,” he recalled. “It goes, ‘hi, this is Harry,’ and then he goes, ‘we really like your stuff and we hope you come on.'”

Two of our faves interacting? We love to see it.

So, because we know you’re worth it, here’s ten of Felix’s Mallard’s hottest moments, Aka all the times that made us McLovingly swoon.

Felix Mallard’s Hottest Moments

Felix Mallard behind the scenes of Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia

Felix with some shades. (Credit: Instagram.)

Felix Mallard with long hair behind the scenes of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Felix Mallard
Felix Mallard as Zoey’s childhood neigbour, Aiden, in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. (Credit: Instagram.)

Felix Mallard as Cooper, the Harry Styles-inspired pop-star in Happy Together

Felix Mallard
Felix Mallard serenading our souls as Cooper in Happy Together. (Credit: Getty.)

Felix Mallard shirtless and ready to surf

Felix Mallard
Felix really said let’s go to the beach, yeah, let’s get away. (Credit: Instagram)

Felix Mallard serenading you while you’re sick

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POV: Your BF Felix Mallard loving you unconditionally and smiling at your presence at lunch

Felix Mallard
Felix Mallard is hungry and so are we. (Credit: Instagram.)

Felix Mallard looking adorably snug as a bug in a woollen jumper for his 21st birthday

Felix Mallard
Felix Mallard reminding us that it’s nearly sweater weather. (Credit: Instagram)

POV: You’re at a party with your BF Felix Mallard

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Felix Mallard feeling the love on set of promo for Happy Together

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Felix Mallard looking sharp on the red carpet of Locke & Key

Felix Mallard
Oh to be Felix Mallard’s plus one at the Locke & Key premiere. (Credit: Instagram.)

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