Sorry Ginny & Georgia Fans, Felix Mallard Revealed He Has A Girlfriend

And people on TikTok reckon they know who it is.
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If someone asked you who the next big Aussie star on the Netflix scene is, you’d be hard-pressed not to think of Ginny & Georgia actor Felix Mallard.

WATCH: Felix Mallard reveals he’s got a girlfriend.

The 22-year-old Aussie first got his stint on Neighbours before starring in a series of Netflix TV shows — from Locke & Key to this month’s Ginny & Georgia — and playing a Harry Styles-inspired character on the tragically canceled Happy Together

So, yeh, he’s officially on the path to become our biggest — and cutest — new homegrown export at Netflix HQ.

But, let’s get into the real reason why you’ve clicked on this article: who exactly is Felix Mallard dating? Well, while we don’t have concrete proof, the internet reckons they have a few ideas who.

Whether you ship Ginny & Georgia co-stars Felix Mallard and Antonia Gentry — or are one of the thousands simping over Marcus Baker on TikTok — today’s news might be a tad bit heartbreaking. Buckle up gang because Felix Mallard just revealed that he’s got a girlfriend and no, it’s not Antonia 😭.

WATCH: Georgia & Ginny trailer

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In an interview with Young Hollywood, Felix Mallard and Antonia Gentry were asked a series of questions about their first experiences — from first high school crushes to their first username online.

And, when the pair were asked about the first person that messaged them after Ginny & Georgia dropped on Netflix, we were hit with the big reveal: woe to teens across the world, Felix Mallard is off the market. 

“Yeah, my girlfriend was straight on the jump,” he told the publication as he clapped his hands together with a love-smitten smile. “As soon as it was out, [she binged it] straight through.”

In an excerpt of the above interview on TikTok, fans commented saying they have a hunch who he’s dating. Allegedly, Felix Mallard’s girlfriend is his former Neighbours co-star Zoe Cramond.

The pair haven’t been spotted together publicly since being part of the Neighbours float at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade in 2019, but to be fair, people in Melbourne weren’t really out and about last year thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, fans in the comments are fixated on the fact they could be a couple.

Felix Mallard and Zoe Cramond
Felix Mallard and Zoe Cramond attending the Happy Together premiere in West Hollywood, 2018. (Credit: Getty)

Many fans were quick to point out the rumoured couples’ age gap.

“Wait what his girlfriend is like 36 and Felix is like 22 what,” said one comment. “His girlfriend is Zoe Cramond and she’s 36 and he’s 22,” added another.

Who Is Zoe Cramond?

Zoe Cramond is a 36-year-old New Zealand-born actress, best known for her roles on Neighbours and Packed To The Rafters.

Over on Instagram, Cramond boasts nearly 50,000 followers and only follows 1063 accounts — one of which being the official Ginny & Georgia Instagram? To quote Cardi B, “that’s weird… that’s suspicious…”

Her time on the hit show Packed To The Rafters opened-up doors for Emma to star on Neighbours, where it seems she fell head over heels for a charming Felix Mallard.

Zoe played Amy Williams on the soap from 2015 to 2019, which overlap with Felix’s run from 2016-2018.

Amy is a female tradie who Zoe defined to 10 Play in a 2015 interview as “quite straightforward and opinionated.”

We are only a little envious to find out that Zoe grew up in Waihi, a New Zealand surf town where she learnt how to shred waves. Legit, screaming idyllic and gnarly at the same time. 

In a 2011 interview with The Beast, Zoe shared that she started surfing at 14.

“I learnt at Waihi Beach with my best friend. We learnt together and we were always the chicks with all the surfer guys,” Zoe told the publication. 

So yea, she’s like, really really cool. 

Zoe Cramond
Zoe Cramond attending the premiere of These Final Hours in 2014. (Credit: Getty)

Zoe’s not the only name he’s been linked to

While Felix Mallard and Zoe Cramond are yet to weigh in on the romance rumours, other fans reckon he’s dating one of his friends, Lucinda Everist — at least, according to stillabae.com.

The pair are currently following each other on Instagram so make of that what you will! 

Felix Mallard
Lucinda and Felix, pictured together, also following each other on Insta. (Credit: Instagram)

There isn’t much to add to this theory, as neither of them are tagged on each other’s Instagram pics and Everist has been romantically linked to another boy named Zac, but we do think they’d be a cute as hell couple.

Who Is Lucinda Everist?

Lucinda Everist is a model based in Melbourne, Australia. According to her LinkedIn profile, the young beauty queen works as a retail assistant at Kloke.

Neither Felix Mallard nor Lucinda Everist has commented on their rumoured romance just yet so the case of exactly who he’s still dating is yet to be cracked. 

Facts are facts: between Jacob Elordi, the Hemsworths, Katherine Langford and now Felix, the world needs to start thanking us for all the gorgeous Aussie talent dominating their TV shows and movies at the moment.

If you want to learn more about Australia’s answer to Harry Styles — and the time Harry met Felix — click here for our quintessential guide on all things Felix Mallard.

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