Everything You’ve Been Dying To Know About Gossip Girl’s Evan Mock

The first-time actor dishes on that scene.
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If you’ve been keeping up to date with the Gossip Girl reboot, *raises hands*, you’ll recognise Constance Billard’s pink-haired sweetheart Aki Menzies. Boyfriend to Audrey Hope and with sexual ambiguity to boot, the character is quickly becoming a fan favourite.

So just who is the actor behind Aki?

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Evan Mock is his name. And after a cheeky scroll through his IMDB page, it’s become evident that Binge’s Gossip Girl reboot is his first acting gig.

So just how did Evan end up as part of Manhattan’s elite? And what was it like filming those raunchier scenes? 

Much like Gossip Girl, we’ve done some investigation and have all the answers below.

Here’s everything to know about Gossip Girl star, Evan Mock. (Credit: Getty)

What is Evan Mock’s age?

Evan Mock was born on 8th April 1997, making him 24 years old and an Aries.

In an interview for Glamour, Evan revealed that he doesn’t believe in astrology “as much as 16-year-old girls on Instagram” (ugh, such an Aries. JK). However, he does think that “there’s definitely some really crazy and weird things that (he) can’t even explain”.

How tall is Evan Mock?

The Gossip Girl actor is reportedly around 5’9” tall, according to POPBUZZ.

Where is Evan Mock from?

While Gossip Girl takes place in the heart of Manhattan, Evan’s upbringing was a little different. The actor was raised near Waimea Bary in O’ahu, which is the third largest Island in Hawaii.

Growing up, Evan developed a love of surfing before turning to skateboarding. According to Glamour, the latter passion prompted his move to LA when he was 18 years old.

Evan plays Aki on the Gossip Girl reboot. (Credit: Getty)

In an interview for What Youth in 2018, Evan revealed how his passions came about.

“I started surfing first, but since I had the skate park across the street from my house I just got hooked on skating, and then I didn’t even think about the water for a few years. I was homeschooled, so I would go surf before school, and then all day after school too.”

Is Gossip Girl really Evan Mock’s first acting gig?

Yes! Prior to the reboot, the athlete had never acted. It was the show’s creator, Joshua Safran, who saw potential in Evan, telling Mr Porter that he simply got a “vibe”.

And what a way for the 24-year-old to start out his career. Particularly when you find out that the first ever scene he shot involved him and his on-screen girlfriend Audrey (played by Emily Alyn Lind) “twisted in bedsheets” as Taylor Swift would say.

In a round table interview with the Gossip Girl cast, Evan spoke about just how daunting filming this moment was, telling Girlfriend that nerves were running high.

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“The hardest [scene to film] was my first one, it was my first one I ever filmed, ever. Just leading up to it was challenging, just to get my thoughts together and really get myself to do because I was really nervous and it just so happened to be a sex scene,” Evan says.

He goes on to explain that the crew did a good job at making everyone feel safe and that it was “more a battle with (himself) with feeling comfortable”.

“There were a lot of realisations about terminology on set, and this is how it works. There were so many new, first things to happen to me.”

Does Evan Mock have Instagram?

He sure does, right here: @evanmock

What is Evan Mock’s dating status?

Evan has been reportedly dating photographer and Manhattan elite, Gray Sorrenti, for over a year now.

Preferring to keep things private, Evan hasn’t said much about the relationship, but in an interview for Glamour last month, the actor gushed about Gray’s head and neck massages, saying “I’m constantly tense, so those are much-needed”.

Evan has been reportedly dating Gray for over a year now. (Credit: Instagram | @evanmock)

What has Evan Mock had to say about Gossip Girl?

As well as being daunted about shooting his vulnerable first scene, remaking such a revered show is bound to be equally as frightening for Evan. The star explains that, while he wants to put his own unique spin on his character, he doesn’t really mind if there are comparisons to the original.

“I definitely wanted to come out with our own character and not want it compared to anyone from the original but also not mad if it did,” Evan told Girlfriend during the round table cast interview.

“People are going to choose what they want and they’re always going to compare but ultimately for myself I wanted to have a fresh mind and make this character the best it could be.”

As for what we can expect for the show, well, it looks like Evan is just as in the dark as we are, but he’s confident in the writers’ abilities to throw a few spanners in the works.

“I trust that the writers and show runner have things up the sleeve. If they’re going to give up who Gossip Girl is in the first episode I’m pretty sure they have some other stuff going.”

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