Demi Lovato already knows what she’s wearing on her wedding day

The singer also shared what she definitely isn't gonna wear.

Demi Lovato may only have gotten engaged to her fiancé, actor Max Ehrich, at the tail end of July but it sounds like she’s already dreaming up the details of her big day. It’s not going to be strictly traditional either! The “OK Not to Be OK” singer revealed in a new interview that she’s definitely not going to be wearing a white dress.


Speaking with PopCrush, Lovato—who also highlighted the importance of openly talking about mental health—spilled a little bit of what she’s got planned. 

“I have my image for what I would want it to [look like] if I got to do a big celebration. I don’t wanna give it away but it’s definitely not a white dress,” she shared. So what kind of dresses is she looking at for her upcoming wedding, then? That fact we’re not sure of!

Lovato also acknowledged the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on her plans… and all our plans, we guess!

“On one hand, I would love to elope because my life is so public and I want to keep it sacred between me and him. On the other hand, I want my friends and family to be there for a celebration, but I can’t do that until the pandemic’s over ’cause it’s not safe,” she explained.

“It’s like, do we do that [elope] in the meantime and do that [a big wedding ceremony] later? It’s all this planning.”

It’s a tricky thing to figure out for sure! It certainly can’t help that she’s also had to speak out about the supposedly ‘fake’ tweets that Ehrich posted prior to their relationship. In case you missed it, fans recently surfaced what appear to be tweets from Ehrich drooling over Selena Gomez, saying she’s prettier than Lovato and more. You can read more about that drama here.

Regardless of whether said rumours are true or not, we hope Lovato gets the wedding day she wants! 💖

You can watch the full interview below.

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