All The Times Carlos Sanson Jr. Bumped Straight Into Our Hearts

Warning: you WILL get lost in his eyes.
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With his hypnotic eyes, windswept hair and crazy amounts of talent, Carlos Sanson Jr. has our attention.

WATCH BELOW: Stan’s Bump trailer.

The up-and-coming actor’s star is on the rise thanks to his breakout role on Stan’s original series Bump.

The 10-part original series centres around Oly (played by Nathalie Morris), an ambitious and high-achieving teenage girl who suddenly finds herself in labour despite being completely unaware she’d fallen pregnant. While Carlos Sanson Jnr plays her baby daddy, Santiago.

The Sydney born cutie is of Cuban and Chilean descent, and he spent his childhood going between Australia and the United States.

After graduating from the prestigious Screenwise school of acting, Carlos moved to Los Angeles as there were more roles for South Americans and Latinos.

However, as fate would have it, he was forced to return to Australia because of Covid, and it was when he returned that he landed the role of Santi on Bump.

Those eyes! (Credit: Instagram)

Carlos told Nine.com.au why he was excited to join the Stan show after years of rejection in Australia.

“Everything happens for a reason. I was in LA at the beginning of the year (2020) and I’d spent a few months there last year. I was planning on staying there permanently, and then COVID hit, and it probably wasn’t the best place to be, for health insurance and that sort of stuff. So I had to come home and go into lockdown,” he explained.

“I was quite worried about coming home because in LA there was so much work for South Americans and Latinos in general, and that was one of my main reasons for going over to the States. So having to come home was quite concerning, just because I wasn’t sure how long, and if I was to stay for a year, or indefinitely, or for a few months, I wasn’t sure if there was going to be any work for me,” said Carlos. 

The 22-year-old is already working on expanding his portfolio, and he has just finished producing his first film called Nine White Moons.

The film features Carlos’s brother Marcelo Sanson, and he proudly gushed on Instagram that he is “very proud” and “thankful to this bunch (the cast) and their hard work.”

He has also starred in the short story, Don’t Jump, which is described on YouTube as a “Dark, quirky drama exploring the mental health effects of Covid-19 lockdown.”

In celebration of our imaginary boyfriend, we’ve rounded up his most thirst-quenching moments. Thank us later!

Oly and Santi forever! Carlos with his co-star Nathalie Morris

Looking like a boy next door. (Credit: Instagram)

Carlos as his Bump character Santi. We love a boy who can pull off red! 

Those lips are so pillowy. (Credit: Instagram)

Carlos on the set of Bump. “The response and love from everyone has been overwhelming…thank you,” he mused.

Behind the scenes. (Credit: Instagram)

Watch Carlos star in the short film Don’t Jump.

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Looking cute and proud celebrating the last day of filming his producing debut, Nine White Moons

A proud moment. (Credit: Instagram)

OMG Carlos looks exactly like his father! His dad really went copy and paste with those genes!

The food does look good too. (Credit: Instagram)

Of course, he loves to travel too! Here is Carlos looking charming in Peru conquering Machu Picchu with his mates.

He really rocks the rugged traveller look. (Credit: Instagram)

Carlos looking dapper on the blue carpet to promote Bump with his co-star Natalie Morris by his side. 

We are living for the 70 vibes here. (Credit: Instagram)

Natalie posted this pic with Carlos and wrote sweetly in the caption, “@__sars I couldn’t have done it without you, and anyway, it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun 😝.”

This pic is everything. (Credit: Instagram)

Hot man who reads alert! Carlos took some time out of his busy schedule to read with students via a live stream.

We love a charitable king. (Credit: Instagram)

We love Carlos serving some Connell from Normal People vibes with this gold chain. 

Can we be his Marianne to his Connell? (Credit: Instagram)

Do we need to say more? 

No words. (Credit: Instagram)

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