Bella Hadid just jumped aboard the ‘honey caramel’ hair train

It's the cutest hair trend you've probably already seen all over your Instagram feed.

Bella Hadid has said “sayonara” to her dark brunette hair and “hello!” to a distinctly more ~autumnal~ hue. The model just debuted yet more ’00s inspired hair, adding a bunch of light caramel and honey-hued highlights into her long hair. (We’re imagining extensions may also have been involved?) The new hair colour was spotted as she left a salon in New York City, wearing the new look with a middle parting and a few soft waves.


Hadid’s new hair came courtesy of stylist Jessica Gillin and hair colourist Jenna Perry, both of Jenna Perry Hair Studio. Hadid herself hasn’t yet posted any official pics of the new look, but a few cute snaps have appeared on her Instagram stories. So how do you go about emulating Hadid’s new honey-coloured hair?

Well, according to ELLE, “There are a few ways to go about achieving the honey caramel look, making it a very versatile trend.” The overall key to the look is “having a rich, brunette base mixed with lighter tones of—you guessed it—honey, caramel and mocha to liven up your locks and add dimension to the hair. “

To keep the highlights looking a little more modern—we’re not going as intense as skunk hair or super chunky highlights here—one important thing to consider is where you place them. We’d suggest a few careful highlights around your head with a concentration around your face to add warmth and frame it well.

You can see in the pictures of Hadid below how different the highlights look in different lighting too, so keep that in mind when you’re thinking about just how light and honeyed you want to go!


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