Ashley Benson and G-Eazy are getting “very serious about each other”

Perhaps they're more than just a summertime fling and rebound.

It seems like Ashley Benson and G-Eazy are more than just a summertime fling. 


Six months after they were first romantically linked, following Benson’s split from her girlfriend of three years, Cara Delevingne, and sources say the pair are still interested in each other. Perhaps, even getting “very serious.”

“Many people in their friend group thought Ashley and G would be a short fling, but they are very serious about each other,” a source told E! “They have been inseparable for months and are basically living together at this point.”

The insider continued to add that the actress and rapper duo’s “relationship works because they balance each other out and love to have fun.”

“They both make each other laugh all day long,” they said. “G-Eazy thinks that Ashley brings him more down to earth and keeps him grounded. It’s even very healthy so far and they are in a great place.”

While the pair have been quite hush hush about their rumoured relationship, rumours emerged early in their romance that they might already be engaged. Earlier this week on Tuesday, the couple were spotted on a coffee date in Los Angeles on Tuesday, affectionately kissing and putting their arms around each other—you can check out the pics here.

Adding more fuel to the rumour, G-Eazy recently praised his rumoured girlfriend Ashley Benson in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, calling her “an exceptionally talented person” and a “special one.” Read into that what thou wilt.

Prior to dating G-Eazy, Ashley Benson was in a long term relationship with Cara Delevingne. The pair split in May, shortly before Benson and G-Eazy started seeing each other. Then, last month, Delevingne casually got together with G-Eazy’s ex and her close friend Halsey

Header image source: Edward Berthelot (Getty Images), Steve Jennings/FilmMagic (Getty Images).

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