Ariana Grande just made major Instagram history

This is legendary!

Ariana Grande has been the most followed woman on Instagram for a while now, but this week she’s just hit a major milestone. The singer and actress just became the first woman on the platform to crack 200 million followers. Yep, at time of writing Grande now has a whopping 200.8 million people scrolling over her selfies. Wild.


Fresh off her VMA win for “Rain On Me” (which we imagine would have given her numbers a boost) the actress just used her platform to encourage her followers to vote in the upcoming U.S. election. Using her massive influence for good? We love to see it.

In another of her recent posts, Grande thanked her collaborator Lady Gaga and MTV for delivering the first performance of “Rain On Me”. In a recent post, she wrote, “@ladygaga is fIcking incredible and i’m so honored to share this moment with her and u all 🤍 also just want to say thank you to @MTV being so diligent in making this such a safe & healthy experience for all of the performers and crew involved. it’s so greatly appreciated and i can’t imagine how difficult it was to figure out!”

Grande’s impressive IG count is followed (no pun intended) by Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez. They’re respectively sitting at 193 million and 191 million followers, which is no small change either!

Who is the most followed man on Instagram, you ask? None other than Cristiano Ronaldo with 237 million followers. People love soccer, apparently.

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