EXCLUSIVE: Tiera Skovbye Spills On What It’s Like To Work With Jacob Elordi

We chat to the 2 Hearts and Riverdale star about her Brisbane-born on-screen beau, Jacob Elordi.


Riverdale actress Tiera Skovbye has recently starred in the fictional ward of the medical drama Nurses, but her newest film role sees her on the other side of the operating table. Starring alongside Aussie heartthrob Jacob Elordi, the flick may seem like an average Valentine’s Day special, but it’s one you’ll need a tissue box or two to get through.

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In 2 Hearts, Skovbye plays Sam, a final year university student with a startup neighbourhood safety ride service on campus—the film is set in a pre-Uber time period. After a series of adorably awkward meet-cutes on campus, Sam meets and soon falls in love with Chris, a goofy, light-headed yet love-obsessed student who is smitten by her, played by The Kissing Booth star Jacob Elordi.

Tiera Skovbye
Tiera Skovbye as Sam in 2 Hearts. (Credit: Silver Lion Films)

Inspired by a true story, tragedy strikes our newly fave pairing, as Chris dies and his organs are donated to a man in another couple the film also follows who has a life-threatening lung condition that could kill him at any moment. So, yeah, 2 Hearts is a real tear-jerker.  

Elordi, a Brisbane-born wonder, has shown the unlimited potential of his acting chops on HBO’s Euphoria as Nathan, the complicated and manipulative power-hungry teen with father issues and an aggressive inferiority complex. And, while in this film he’s a goofy teen in love and hit by tragedy, Skovbye says that based on her time working with him, he’s someone co-stars can only dream to work with.

Jacob Elordi as Chris in 2 Hearts. (Credit: Silver Lion Films)

“Him and I got along really well, and we had a lot of fun,” she told Girlfriend. “It was inspiring to work with him… He’s definitely a personality, which was really fun to work off of.”

Speaking to that personality, Skovbye shared that deep down, Jacob Elordi is definitely an artist in all caps, and a “very passionate person.” 

“His biggest idol is Heath Ledger,” she revealed, adding that hers is Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star Rachel Brosnahan. “And he gets very into his characters and cares a lot about what he does. But, he also is this very quirky and energetic person.”

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“I remember when we were in Hawaii, we stumbled upon this little Tiki Bar—me, him and a couple of the other cast. He, like, got up and started dancing, and then all of us were dancing, too. He’s just got a very fun personality, but when it comes to work, he can be quite driven and very serious.”

Given the pair’s past work, it isn’t surprising to hear that the two were frequently stopped by fans during their time filming the Hawaii portion of 2 Hearts. Cut to last summer, the two were sitting in a cafe, relaxing on their down time from what can only be described as a film with heavy subtext, when they were approached by a group of girls.

“[I was like,] ‘how did you know where we are?’” Skovbye jokingly recalled. “These fans would show up in the craziest of places, it was definitely strange but Jacob handled it.”

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“Sometimes he would just be like, [Skovbye puts on a playful mopey voice], ‘I don’t want to talk to people today,’ and just put a baseball cap on,” she laughs. “He can’t really leave his house, it’s just like this constant bombardment.”

“I remember one time we were in a shuttle leaving his hotel to go to set, and there was like a swarm around the shuttle of people trying to get autographs, which was definitely wild and an insight to a different level of fame that I had ever seen.”

As to whether Skovbye wants that kinda fanatic following, she isn’t sure. After seeing how it impacts your everyday life and mental health, she confesses it’s a double-edged sword.

“I feel part of it would be exciting, because I would still be like, ‘oh, wow, people are recognising the work that I do, and that’s really cool because I’ve worked so hard,’” she admitted. 

“But on the other side of it, I feel like it would be hard not to just have the comfort of knowing that you can leave your house without any makeup on and people aren’t gonna say anything. I feel like I would get a little anxious for not having my privacy, but it’s a part of what we do and to have people be excited about our shows and our work is a really cool thing.”

2 HEARTS is available on all major digital platforms.

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