This Genius Harry Potter Theory Connects The Deathly Hallows To The Dursleys

Someone's read those books 6000 times!
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This is probably our fave Harry Potter theory ever (big call we know) but it’s so simple and so easy to miss that the Reddit user who noticed it deserves to win the House Cup. Also, anything involving the mystery of the Deathly Hallows always has us intrigued.

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Cast your mind back to all the truly disgraceful Christmas pressies the Dursleys got poor Harry over the years. To keep up appearances they sent him a fiftey-pence piece in his first year at Hogwarts. A super cool (not) toothpick in his second year. And in the fourth year he became the proud owner of a single TISSUE. Those Dursleys are the absolute worst.

Eagle-eyed Reddit user and Harry Potter addict, iShootWithACamera, has noticed some similarities in the crappy gifts with the Deathly Hallows themselves though and how they actually represent the Hallows and foreshadow their importance. The fifty-pence piece is the Resurrection Stone, the toothpick is the Elder Wand, and the tissue is the Invisibility Cloak.

We know it sounds kinda out there coz the Dursleys couldn’t have known about the three important objects, let alone that Hazza would need them to defeat Lord Voldy. But they’re the ONLY gifts from them that are mentioned in the books so it’s a pretty big coincidence right?! Also nobody is wasting postage on a tissue unless it’s supposed to mean something!

In another interesting twist, in The Prisoner of Azkaban book we learn that Aunt Marge sent Harry an insulting box of dog biscuits for Christmas which ended up being a big bucket of foreshadowing for Sirius/Padfoot appearing in Harry’s life! And we all know JK Rowling doesn’t write ANYTHING by accident!

Well isn’t that something?

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