‘Stranger Things’ fans know who “The American” is

We all have just one question: Is it Hopper?
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At the end of Stranger Things season three, our hearts got ripped out of our bodies when we realised everyone’s favourite angry dad Jim Hopper, had most probably died. 

But then we got given just a glimmer of hope when the very last scene revealed the Russians had captioned an unnamed ‘American’. 

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Immediately fans of the Netlfix show thought ‘the American’ could only be two people: Hawkins sheriff Jim Hopper or Max’s agro older brother, Billy. 

However, on Monday, none other than Russian fans of the show think they’ve come up with a fairly big clue that hints at the identity of ‘the American’. 

Stranger Things
We’re really hoping it’s Hopper TBH. (Credit: Netflix)

According to the good people on Reddit who speak Russian, the soldiers used the male version of the term ‘American’, when they whispered to the prisoner at the end. 

So this almost guarantees that whoever the captive is, it’s a male. 

Stranger Things
Look at our fav alien fighting 😍 (Credit: Netflix)

Other clues that suggest it’s Hopper – and not Billy – who survives at the end of season three is the fact that Hopper’s car was spotted on the set of season four. 

According to a picture that was shared on Reddit (which you can see HERE) Hopper’s 1980 Chevrolet Blazer is seen on location in Georgia, the United States, clear as day. 

Jim Hopper
We see you. (Credit: Netflix)

The last time we saw Hopper (David Harbour) in Stranger Things he was left trapped inside the Upside Down, leaving many of us thinking he was for sure a goner, but thanks to Reddit we are starting to get some hope for Hopper’s fate.

Even though we still have no idea what is in store for us in season four, all we can say is we better get an Eleven and Hopper reunion, or we’ll strike. 

Hopper Eleven
This ❤️ (Credit: Netflix)

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