‘Dash & Lily’ is the new Christmas teen rom-com you’re going to rewatch all through the holidays

Austin Abrams and Midori Francis are here to make you believe in Christmas miracles again.

It’s November and we are well and truly into the ~holiday season.~ The searches have started up again for “All I Want For Christmas Is You” from the patron saint of the holiday, Mariah Carey, and the holiday movies are coming thick and fast! We’ve already had the early entry in Emma Robert‘s Holidate rom-com, and landing on Netflix tomorrow is the series (yes, series not a movie) that we reckon could be the favourite of the season. Dash & Lily is the new adaptation that’s set to try and melt your heart this Christmas, one 30-minute episode at a time.

Starring Chemical Hearts‘ Austin Abrams as Dash, and Midori Francis (of Ocean’s 8 and Good Boys) Netflix’s Dash & Lily is based on the novel by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn’s: Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares. The premise is very cute, basically Dash and Lily are two high school students who anonymously pass a notebook back and forth between them. How? Through different dares and clues that lead them all over New York City, all without actually meeting IRL. Based on the trailer, it’s a little bit Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants, a little Gossip Girl, and looks extremely cute.

What is Dash & Lily about?

The story picks up with Dash finding red notebook Lily has placed in a bookstore. In the notebook, she challenges him to a dare and it kicks off an epistolary (letter writing, our fav) romance for the TikTok generation. Through the course of their dares and notebook-swapping letter-writing, the pair get to know each other a little better.

Dash is a pretty cynical person, who doesn’t exactly share Lily’s enthusiasm for the holidays. We’re getting low-level “I’m weird” Cole-Sprouse-as-Jughead-Jones vibes. Seriously, what have all these young boys got to be so cut about? Meanwhile, Lily is a bit shyer. She’s still stepping into herself and, unlike Dash, is massively excited about the holiday season.

As they complete the dares and challenges they set for each other, the pair grow closer—though both are worried about what the other will think when they meet IRL. We’ll leave it to you to see if they have the holiday happy ending. 😉

Where to follow the Dash & Lily cast on Instagram

Midori Francis

dash and lilu

If you’re reading this following marathoning the entire Dash & Lily series, allow us to re-introduce Midori Francis, who plays Lily. Francis is a 26-year-old Japanese-American actress who’s appeared in films like Ocean’s 8, the Seth Rogan-produced Good Boys. Her name is Midori Iwama, but she goes by Francis professionally, btw.

She’s also spent some solid time in the theatre, having appeared in a number of Off-Broadway productions and in the Globe in London. (Just Shakespeare’s theatre, no big deal.) We’re pretty much preparing for her to blow-up, Lana Condor-style after her Netflix debut.

Follow Francis on Instagram here: @midoriglory

Austin Abrams

Like his character Dash, Abrams can relate to a bit of grouchiness. “In the beginning, Dash is a very cynical person. I don’t necessarily categorize myself in that way, but on some days, I can relate to that a bit,” he explained to Us Weekly.

Abrams is kind of building a name for himself with these book-inspired YA roles. You might remember him from his film with Riverdale‘s Lili Reinhart, Chemical Hearts, or from the movie version of John Green’s YA novel Paper Towns with Cara Delevingne. He doesn’t appear to have any social media accounts.

You can watch the official trailer for Dash & Lily below and catch it o Netflix when it’s out on the 10th of November.

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