From TikTok to Netflix – Why Addison Rae is the ultimate Gen Z success story

The sky's the limit for this insanely talented 20-year-old.
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TikTok star Addison Rae has her sights set on taking over Hollywood as she stars in the new Netflix romcom called He’s All That

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Does that title sound oddly familiar?

That’s because the movie is a remake of the original nineties movie She’s All that, which starred Freddie Prince Jr, Rachael Leigh Cook and Paul Walker.

In the film, 20-year-old Addison is aptly playing an influencer who takes on a challenge to transform her high school’s biggest loser, played by Tanner Buchanan, into the prom king.

While the premise of the film was wildly problematic and sexist back in the 90s, we’ll be interested to see how it plays out in a 2021 setting and with the gender roles being reversed. 

Addison and her co-star Tanner Buchanan in He’s All That. (Credit: Instagram)

When will He’s All That be released on Netflix?

And now, Netflix Australia and New Zealand have announced the movie will be coming to our screens a lot sooner than you think.

This week, the streaming giant confirmed He’s All That will be available to watch on August 27! 

“TikTok queen Addison Rae and Cobra Kai’s Tanner Buchanan are starring in this year’s freshest romcom! #HesAllThat drops August 27,” Netflix stated on their official Instagram account. 

The movie also includes stars Madison Pettis (yep, the little girl from Disney’s iconic show Cory In The House) and Disney’s Peyton Meyer. 

Seventeen Magazine reported that the movie would be made in Los Angeles despite the pandemic and that filming finished in December 2020. 

To secure the rights to this film, Netflix forked out a hefty $20 million, so expect He’s All That to be hanging out on your Netflix homepage for a while. 

Addison with Madison (left) and Myra Molloy (centre). (Credit: Instagram)

Who is Addison Rae?

At 20 years old Addison Rae has almost 80 million TikTok followers, making her the second-biggest star on the platform, ranking just under Charli D’Amelio, who has 114.1 followers.  

The Louisiana local started posting dancing and singing videos to the platform in 2019 and her following quickly sky-rocketed. 

Like a true Gen Z hustler, Addison has managed to leverage her TikTok success to launch a singing career and released her debut single called Obsessed, inspired by Mariah Carey’s song with the same name, earlier this year. 

In an interview with Bustle, she sighted it as the “biggest turning point of her career.”

The song is all about self-love, embracing yourself as you are and tapping into your inner confidence. 

“I think it was just a big message to people to be in love with themselves as much as they want someone else to love them too,” she told Bustle

Addison Rae and Kourtney Kardashian have a close friendship. (Credit: Instagram)

The TikTok star is also close friends with Kourtney Kardashian and her children, they mostly spend time making videos, lying by the pool and hitting the gym.

We imagine Addison has taken some career tips from the Kardashians, who have become the queens of multi-hyphen careers.

With the already long title: TikToker-YouTuber-singer-influencer and now actress, Addison isn’t going anywhere soon.

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