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Take On The School Year Worry Free

The summer hols are done (sad face!) but there’s lots you can do to make the school year ahead an awesome one! Give yourself the best possible start with these tips…
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Get into a good routine

Staying up until 2am on Snapchat is fine during the holidays – but when school term starts and you’ve gotta get up early, it’s a different story! The sooner you give up your night owl ways, the easier you’ll find it when the alarm goes off for those early morning rises. Try heading to bed a bit earlier and starting some kind of exercise routine a few days before school heads back – so you start the year feeling good!

Be prepared

Plan ahead to make your first day back as chill as possible. Pack your bag the night before, checking you have everything you need right down to your stationery supplies. It’s also a good idea to make sure you know exactly where your uniform is for the next morning and to think about what you’ll need for brekkie and lunch. When the big day arrives, allow yourself plenty of time to get to school to keep those stress levels to a minimum. 

Stop procrastinating 

Once school’s back in sesh, it’s important to establish good study habits early on. If you put things off and start falling behind now, you’ll make things way harder for yourself down the track. So when it comes to doing your homework, find a quiet place free of distractions to help you get in the zone. Put your phone somewhere out of reach or switch it off so you don’t get distracted by a zillion notifications. If you need to, try breaking tasks into small, manageable chunks and reward yourself when you’re done! It doesn’t matter if that’s a nice warm bath or a Netflix break – it’s about finding something that helps keep you motivated.

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