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The 7 essentials to pack for your first road trip

Create the very best memories on your driving holiday with these travel necessities.

You’ll always remember your first road trip, and doing the prep work is all part of the experience. Once you’ve got the route mapped out, you’ll need to sort out your vacay vehicle, and a small SUV with lots of boot space, like the GWM Haval Jolion, is perfect. Now you can start packing, knowing you’ll have room for everything you need for a fun and safe trip.

So let’s get you road-ready with this list of essentials that you shouldn’t leave home without.

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A roadside emergency kit

No one expects things to go sideways on a road trip, but sometimes they do. That’s where a roadside emergency kit comes in. This kit is your go-to bag for those “just in case” moments. It should include jumper leads to charge a dead battery, a flashlight for when it gets dark, a wheel brace and jack for changing tyres, a tyre pressure gauge to keep your wheels in check and a basic toolkit for any loose screws or minor fixes.

First-aid kit

Keeping a first-aid kit in the car will ensure you’re covered for any minor medical mishaps enroute. Include all the essentials like band-aids, antiseptic cream, bandages, pain relief pills, tissues and allergy meds, so you can quickly treat cuts, headaches and other minor discomforts then be off on your merry way again.

Charging gear

Your phone will be your lifeline on this trip. It’s your map, your camera, your entertainment and your way to call for help if needed. The last thing you want is for your phone to die right when you need it most.

That’s why having a reliable phone charger and a power bank (or two) in your centre console is pretty much a non-negotiable. Stock up on these essentials before you leave and have them in the car ready to go.

A travel fund

Expect a few miscellaneous expenses when you’re on the road, like fuel, food, maybe a cool souvenir from that random roadside attraction. Cards are accepted in most places, but there are still spots where only cash will do the trick. It also comes in handy in areas where card machines might not be reliable. Keep some in a safe compartment of your vehicle.

Personal care items

Ever felt less than fresh during a long drive or after a day exploring? A few key items can take care of that. We’re talking sunscreen, hand sanitiser, wet wipes, period products, mints and lip balm, so you can quickly freshen up, no matter where you are.

Creature comforts

Long stretches on the road can be a blast, but they can also test your comfort levels. To stay cosy and relaxed during your trip, pack some pillows and lightweight blankets. They can make a world of difference when you’re trying to catch some zzzs in the passenger seat or if you’re parked for a quick nap in the shade.

Road trip sustenance for the win!

The ultimate road trip playlist

Every road trip needs a backing track! And every time you hear those songs afterwards, you’ll be transported back to this special holiday.

When creating your playlist, it’s not just about picking songs you like, it’s about setting the mood. Add a mix of genres and artists to make sure there’s something for everyone in the car. Throw in some classic sing-alongs, a few current hits and maybe some undiscovered gems to keep things interesting.

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