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4 easy ways to give your room a glow-up

Because who doesn’t love a fun refresh every now and then?

Revamping your bedroom doesn’t have to involve major renovations or expensive makeovers. Sometimes, the simplest changes have the most noticeable impact. Here are four straightforward and effective ways to transform your space into a cosy, stylish room that you’ll love spending time in.

Decorate with wall art

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Think of your walls as a blank canvas and use artworks, murals, mirrors or sculptural light fittings to dial up the colour, personality and texture in each space. Placement is key, so make sure your wall art enhances rather than overpowers your room.

Large, bold pieces can anchor a spacious room, while smaller works add a touch of charm to more intimate spaces without dominating them. Experiment with different layouts until you strike the right balance that reflects your style and sets the desired mood. And as your tastes evolve, change it up to keep your decor constantly fresh and exciting.

Add some blinds

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Updating your window treatments can dramatically change the look and feel of a room. At Carpet Court, you’ll find a variety of blinds to suit any room aesthetic.  

To create a restful sleep haven, look at blockout blinds for maximum light control and privacy. Venetian blinds are another great option for bedrooms because they create a bright and airy feel when open or a more intimate atmosphere when closed.

Want a touch of style that’s also practical? Go for Roman blinds. They fold neatly into soft pleats for a refined look while offering excellent light and privacy control. Select fabrics based on the look you want to achieve, from light-filtering sheers to block fabrics for a moody ambience.

Beautify with plants

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Dotting some indoor plants around is a refreshing way to breathe new life into any room. A splash of greenery brings an element of nature and vibrancy to your space that’s hard to replicate with other decorations.

Mix and match plants of various sizes and leaf shapes to create visual interest and draw the eye. Tall plants can add height and structure, while smaller ones fill spaces with softness.

Concerned about maintenance? Opt for low-care varieties or even high-quality artificial plants that look just as good as the real thing.

Refresh your sheets

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Don’t underestimate the power of some new bedlinen to transform your personal sanctuary. A new quilt cover, some extra scatter cushions, a cosy throw or a set of crisp sheets can make your bed feel like a luxury retreat.

For a cohesive and inviting look, select fabrics and colours that complement your existing interiors. Soft, neutral hues can create a relaxing atmosphere, while bolder patterns make a statement and add personality. Regular updates as the seasons change can ramp up your bedroom’s appeal, without costing a fortune.

Brought to you by Carpet Court. With the right blinds, you can enjoy a refreshed space that feels new and uniquely yours. Head over to Carpet Court to browse the full collection.

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