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9 Things You Shouldn’t Worry About When On Your Period

Periods are pretty much a fact of life and sadly, they can be the source of anxiety.
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Periods are pretty much a fact of life and sadly, they can be the source of anxiety. But we’re here with Carefree to share nine things you really don’t need to waste an worry on when Aunt Flow comes to visit…

1. People finding out you’re on your period

We firmly believe that more people (not just women!) need to talk about periods more openly. It’s totally natural, so if someone finds out it’s that time of the month it’s no big deal at all. If they make a big deal about it (or tease you), it just shows how immature they are!

2. Wearing white

This can be the most nerve-wracking thing, but it’s not just for the bold, ANYONE can wear white while on their period. On the first day of your period it may be too risky, but towards the end GO FOR IT! A good tampon and a liner will stop leaks in their tracks!

3. Having to change your tampon during the night

Most tampons are designed to be worn for at least eight hours. If it’s early on in your period and the flow ain’t stopping for nobody, try a bigger size tampon (the Carefree ProComfort® Super Tampons are a great choice for overnight) or wear a pad or liner as well. There’s no reason you shouldn’t sleep easy if it’s fitted correctly!

4. Travelling on planes

This is an issue not everyone talks about but if you’ve ever travelled by air on your period you’ll quickly notice that the plane bathrooms don’t have sanitary bins. FEAR NOT! Don’t flush them (like, ever), there is a special smaller bin sometimes or a sanitary bag you can put your used product in and then chuck it in the bigger bin. 

5. Going to the beach

Yes you can swim! Don’t let being on your period stop you from enjoying Summer. Tampons are a great choice when you’re wearing bikini bottoms, but if you prefer a pad choose the slimmest one possible (it will absorb water). Just remember to change it right after you get out of the water.

6. Pimples

You’re out of the woods on this one! You usually get a break out in the lead up to your period (those pesky hormones!) but once it’s started they’re much more chill and your skin will settle down. If the ones from the week before are still bothering you, grab a calming mask and a spot treatment, and have a mini-pamper sesh.

7. Exercise

Sorry gals, you can’t use your period as an excuse to escape working out. If you’ve got cramps or want a rest, listen to your body BUT science says that gentle (re: GENTLE) exercise like walking can actually help pain and bloating. If you’re a die-hard sports loving chick and won’t miss a game of soccer for anything, a flexible tampon (try these ones) is best.

8. The smell 

You know ~that~ smell right? Well it’s just the scent of blood hitting the air and all it means is that it’s time for a pad or tampon change. You’re not dirty and you don’t need to sprint to the showers, so there’s no need to stress about something’ being wrong down there! 

9. Getting cranky

It’s not your fault your hormones are out of whack! It’s just a normal side-effect of them stabilising, so do try hard not to snap at anyone, but if you do just explain to them you’re sorry and buy them a donut (buy one for yourself too of course, you’ve earnt it!)

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