Yep, Wedgie Jeans Are A Real Thing

And Kylie Jenner is totally embracing it.

When you hear the word wedgie most people start squirming in discomfort right? Well iconic denim brand Levi’s has released a style they’re hailing as the ultimate butt bestie! They won’t give you an actual wedgie, but are instead designed to lift and hold your butt in place. A brand spokeswoman described it “designed to create that vintage hugged look” and the cut works to “lift and hold your cheeks slightly apart”. Hmmm yay? 
So why are they SO popular? The Kardashians. Anytime something is worn by one of those Kardashian folk it becomes an instant hit and thanks to Kylie Jenner, girls around the world are rushing to buy the wedgie jean.

What do you guys reckon? Personally, we want to give them a trial wear to check the comfort level… Cats your votes!

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