The Coolest Ear Piercing Combos To Try Now

More is more when it comes to the new league of ear accessorisation.

Just take a quick look at your IG and you’ll see that super blinged-out ears are going off. All the cool girls are putting aside their layered necklaces and stacked bracelets to pay some well-deserved attention to their ear game.

Gone are the days of one perfectly symmetrical hole in each ear. Instead, the more gems you can stylishly accessorise together, the more your ears will shine. Have fun and experiment – your creativity has no limits!  

Here are some of the coolest ear-piercing combos every girl needs to know about. Try them out yourself with the super-cute selection from Lovisa. The huge range of earrings will deliver some serious eye candy and take every outfit to the next level, without costing a fortune.

Get The Look: Double Lobe Piercings

For those wanting to ease their way into the world of ‘earscaping’, double lobe piercings are a great start. The lobe is the fleshiest part of your ear and is the perfect home for two side-by-side piercings. Rock a minimalist look with a pair of dainty hoops or two studs in the same size. Or pick one statement earring, such as a sparkling drop or pendant, and match it with a small stud in the second hole for balanced chic.

Keep it simple with a double lobe piercing.
Keep it simple with a double lobe piercing. (Supplied: Lovisa)

Get The Look: Double Piercings

Cute double piercings aren’t just for the lobes. A popular choice is on the helix, the cartilage part of your ear, but you can place them wherever you like. Or take a leaf out of style icon Kaia Gerber’s book with a snakebite: it’s a double piercing that’s close together. Take inspiration from the edgy queen and pick a pair of mini studs in cute shapes like flowers, hearts or moons, or choose your own style with some chunky cuffs.

Keep those piercings going - the more the merrier!
Keep those piercings going – the more the merrier! (Supplied: Lovisa)

Get The Look: Constellation Piercings

Picture the cluster of stars in the night sky that make up a constellation. Now imagine the blingy awesomeness of a cluster of piercings on your ear. Voila, that’s a constellation piercing. Coined by celebrity piercing extraordinaire Brian Keith Thompson, it’s the quickest way to level up your ear game. You can take the edgy route with simple metal ball studs or go for a pretty combo of diamantes and huggies for a totally unique look. We love Lovisa’s super-cute ear stacks to help you curate your earrings like a style pro.

A cluster of bejewelled ear bling looks super-pretty.
A cluster of bejewelled ear bling looks super-pretty. (Supplied: Lovisa)

The 40/60 Rule

Like the ultimate party girl outfit or the perfect cloud bread recipe, balance and attention to detail are essential. Which accessories to add and how long to whip the egg whites for are crucial considerations. And the same rules apply when styling ear jewellery. The gem gurus swear by the 40/60 rule. Make 40 per cent of your earrings bolder, statement-making choices. And with the other 60 per cent, go for understated, subtle pieces like simple studs, hoops and huggies. You’ll have the perfect balance of look-at-me bling and street-style cool to wow the crowd wherever you make your next appearance.

Bold meets understated for the ultimate piercing combo.
Bold meets understated for the perfect ear-bling combo. (Supplied: Lovisa)

The Cascading Rule

Whatever the placement of your ear piercings, try to follow the cascading rule. Wear your larger, bulkier and more dangly gems at the start. Then as you work your way up the ear, go for smaller studs and huggies. You’ll have the right mix of bling and sizes, and your ears will never look too crowded or odd. Within this general rule, remember to have fun and mix up the styles, colours and textures for maximum impact. 

And the final rule? Mix it up and make your own rules!
And the final rule? Mix it up and make your own rules! (Supplied: Lovisa)

Brought to you by Lovisa. Take your ear game to the next level at your local Lovisa store today. Round up your friends, pick out your favourite bling and get your ears pierced in store. There are so many super-cute earrings to choose from, especially for sensitive freshly pierced ears.

PS If youre under 16, you’ll need to have your guardians permission to have your ears pierced.

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