Revive Your Puffer Jacket Collection With These Cool Upgrades

Put your Kathmandus away and get creative.
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The one clothing item that will hold you close and make you feel safe, like a butterfly in a cocoon, is the trusty puffer jacket.

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Of course, you probably think the puffer jacket is nothing special and that it’s just a practical item that keeps you snug during the winter months.

But hold up a second.

This is where you are mistaken, because the puffer can be the most explosive and sartorially fresh item in your wardrobe… if you want.

You can opt for a bright colour, a dramatically big puff or even funky patterns to liven up your winter blacks.

There are so many options beyond the traditional Kathmandu number that comes out in droves every time the weather dips below 17 degrees.

Brands like Uniqlo create puffer jackets with heat tech, which means you get even more support from your clothing while the brand Gorman has fun designs that will brighten up your soul on days you’re struggling with seasonal depression.

Here are some fashionable celebs in unique puffer jackets. 

This is how we wished we looked at the airport. (Credit: Getty)

Elle Fanning

It is just like Elle to go for a bright and bold puffer jacket to go with her vibrant and cute personality.

This jacket is also stylistically unique, with a mini puffer vest layered on top of an oversized yellow puffer.

Bella loves dark colours, and we don’t blame her for sticking to it. (Credit: Getty)

Bella Hadid

Bella loves her dark and moody colours, so it makes sense she stuck to a classic black number.

This look is still unique because it’s oddly like a t-shirt because the sleeves are cropped but still too long to be called a vest.

And her pooch Colombo. (Credit: Instagram)

Emily Ratajkowski

The then expecting Emily chose to keep her baby bump warm with this North Face number.

We love how she paired the pop of teal with her mustard beanie because it’s the colour combo we didn’t realise works together.

Loving the line jacket, with a red hat and mustard sunnies. (Credit: Instagram)

Emma Chamberlain

Our girl posted a picture of herself wearing a lime green puffer jacket, and it completely elevated her rather simple outfit underneath.

Which is a perfect example as to why bold colours are so delectable on puffer jackets. 

Also, does this mean we can wear a puffer jacket with no pants, too? Alas, probably not.

Find inspo for your upgraded puffer jacket with these looks below:

(Credit: Zara)

Quilted Cropped Water-Repellent Puffer Jacket, $59.95 from Zara

(Credit: Zara)

Vinyl-Effect Puffer Jacket, $139.00 from Zara

(Credit: Cotton On)

Curve Crinkle Puffer Jacket, $69.99 from Cotton On

(Credit: Cotton On)

The Recycled Mother Packable Puffer, $69.99 from Cotton On

(Credit: Uniqlo)

Women Ultra Light Down Cocoon Parka, $129.90 from Uniqlo

(Credit: Uniqlo)

Woman Seamless Down Long Coat, $249.90 from Uniqlo

(Credit: Glassons)

Oversized Quilted Puffer Jacket, $99.99 from Glassons

(Credit: Gorman)

Georgias Gerden Puffer, $349.00 from Gorman

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