TikTok is breathing new life to the 2000s fashion trends we left in the past

Even low rise jeans have gotten a resurgence.
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If there is one thing we can depend on when it comes to fashion, it’s this: what goes around, inevitably, comes around. And when you throw TikTok into the mix, forgotten trends catch on like wildfire and are quickly spotted everywhere, from red carpets to school, the city’s streets and worn by our favourite reality stars and models on Instagram.

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For those of us in need of some style inspiration, TikTok has become the new go-to, with the hashtag ‘#ootd’ (outfit of the day) gaining over 39 billion uses globally. Just one glance at your TikTok homepage will reveal the best (and worst) viral fashion trends around the world – and among this are enthusiasts of retro and vintage clothes, restyling pre-loved clothes and accessories from the last 80 years.  

Much to millennials’ dismay, 00s style is now considered vintage and new research by Superdry has revealed the top trending items from the 00s on TikTok.

With over 13 million views under #00sfashion, another 2.1 million for #00soutfits and a whopping 363.4 million views for #y2kfashion alone, it’s no real surprise that so many of the trends from the noughties have made a fierce resurgence too. 

Topping the list of most viewed trend is low rise jeans, which garnered 123.6 million views. And we’d honestly rather leave this trend in the past where it belongs, aka on the set of The Simple Life.

Following on from this are some slightly more welcome comebacks such as corset tops, pleated skirts, bandanas, trucker hats, baguette bags and baby tees. 

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton put low rise jeans on the map in the early 2000s. (Credit: Getty)

Low Rise Jeans

Originating in the 90s and later becoming the pinnacle of early noughties fashion, the low rise jean was further popularised in the noughties by style icons like Beyonce and Kiera Knightley – seen everywhere from movies to music videos.

While their resurgence has most millennials thinking back to their teenage years with angst, modern fashion leaders like Bella Hadid have low rise jeans back on hips all over the globe.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid love their corset tops. (Credit: Getty)

Corset Tops

Corsets have been around for as long as any of us can remember, and we usually associate them with period movies like Titanic (a la Kate Winslet’s character Rose).

But icons like Britney Spears had us all lacing up our tops and cinching in our waists in the new millennium.

In 2022, corset tops are back in, thanks in no part to the globe’s fierce love of all things Bridgerton and the widespread influence that Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe has.

Paris Hilton
Another staple in Paris’ noughties wardrobe was mini pleated skirts. (Credit: Getty)

Pleated Skirts

The micro mini skirt has seen an explosion in popularity since it hit catwalks this season, and the pleated version is no stranger to its fame.

High end Italian designer Miu Miu sent the fashion world into a spin when their beige ultra mini skirt was showcased at the their Spring/Summer 2022 show in Milan. 

The noughties, along with sporting icons Venus and Serena Williams, were responsible for the world taking the tennis skirt to their daily lives and as one of the top five most popular 00s trending items on TikTok, it looks like it’s back with a vengeance and going nowhere fast.

Mary Kate and Ashley, who regularly rocked bandanas in their teen movies (Credit: Getty/ Dualstar)


Worn on the head in their traditional style, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were barely seen without a bandana in their iconic teen movies – signalling their entry into mainstream fashion.

Bandanas turned out to be multi-dimensional however, being wrapped around the torso as a top first in the 70s but coming back to life recently in a wave of new looks that centre around the silky, beautifully patterned mini scarves sitting pretty next to the low rise jean or mini skirt many pair them with.

In recent years, Bella Hadid has given the bandana a re-emergence. The fashion-forward supermodel regularly rocks them during days at the beach or as a top during summers in New York City.

Paris Hilton
Trucker caps were popularised by the likes of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. (Credit: Getty)

Trucker Hats

Popularised by the likes of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton during the Simple Life era, trucker hats are a noughties trend that has seen a real comeback of late and luckily doesn’t seem to be quite as polarising as its accompanying Y2K trends.

The Hadid sisters, who often give serious fashion credentials to a trend and influence millions to follow suit, have co opted the trucker hat in recent years and helped it land in the top ten trending items from the decade, with videos on TikTok flooded with users showing off their headgear collections.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Carrie went back to her roots with this baguette bag in the 2021 SATC spin off. (Credit: HBO)

Baguette Bags

The classic baguette is the it-bag of this century, booming in popularity in the early noughties when viewers of cult classic Sex and the City saw the item adorning the outfits of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw.

But you now don’t have to look far to see one slung over a shoulder, the trend seeing a phenomenal rise in popularity since the SATC reboot And Just Like That in 2021 saw Carrie holding none other than a baguette bag once again.

Paris Hilton
Bella’s style mimics Paris’ early 2000s wardrobe. (Credit: Getty)

Baby Tees

The noughties were a decade full of midriffs, and our penchant for cropped tops definitely satisfied this. From the halter to the corset, cropped tops were all the rage – and another fiercely popular trending version was the baby tee.

A simple t-shirt with a shrunken fit, baby tees were just cropped tees with short sleeves, a snug fit and usually some kind of embroidery or graphic print. For those really wanting to channel the Y2K vibes, pair with low rise jeans with an exposed thong.

Paris Hilton
In her heyday, Paris was synonymous with Juicy Couture tracksuits (Credit: Getty)

Velour Tracksuits

The noughties velour tracksuit, often seen dressed up by the likes of Paris Hilton, has also seen a real revival of late, perhaps no surprise since we collectively spent so long on our sofas over the last few years and loungewear on the whole saw a huge jump in sales.

In its heyday, the real popularity was driven by Juicy Couture – but these days most brands have their own offerings and the velour tracksuit has become a trending item in and of itself.

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