Top Aussie Stores To Shop Dupes Of The Biggest US Fashion Trends

Fashion staples without the crazy shipping costs.
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You know that feeling when you’re watching a super cute fashion haul TikTok and spot a piece you love, only to find out shipping to Australia costs like $200?

We’ve all been there and it seriously sucks.

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While Aussie fashion has come a long way in the last few years, we still don’t have some of the staple stores teens are obsessed with in the US.

And the ones that do ship to Australia can cost an arm and a leg and take weeks to even arrive.

We’ve tracked down some of the best local and close-to-home ‘dupes’ for the US fashion brands that you see in every TikTok fashion haul and on every trendy Pinterest moodboard.

While the clothes may not be identical, you’ll be able to shop the trends you’re obsessed with, minus the crazy shipping costs.

You don’t have to miss out on hot trends just because you live in Australia. (Credit: Instagram)

Want Urban Outfitters? Try Ghanda

If you love Urban Outfitters but want to shop closer to home, Ghanda is your best bet for fun, casual pieces and a throwback vibe. Both brands offer some of the latest trends as well as basics like graphic tees, comfy denim and vintage-inspired styles from the ’70s and ’80s.

The best thing is that Ghanda stock styles based on Aussie seasons, so you can shop comfy knits in our cold months. July usually sees US stores selling bikinis and sundresses, which aren’t always ideal for Aussie weather.

For a dupe of the BDG Rori Boxy Sweater Vest ($77.00) from Urban, shop the Billy Vest ($39.95) from Ghanda.

The sweater vest trend has been hot lately. (Credit: Instagram)

Want Free People? Try Faithfull The Brand

No one does a boho dress like Free People… except for Faithfull The Brand that is. If you’re after a hit of bohemian style without the US price point, this is the place for you; Faithfull stocks everything from cute flowy dresses, to trendy co-ord sets and even swimwear.

Both brands are on the pricey side, but at least Faithfull The Brand charges in Aussie dollars and shipping won’t take forever.

For a dupe of the Zhandra Rhodes The Sunday Set ($228) from Free People, try the El Paso Midi Dress Seymour Floral Print ($209) from Faithfull The Brand.

Love boho maxi dresses? We’ve got you sorted. (Credit: Instagram)

Want Pacsun? Try Universal Store

Pacsun is constantly serving looks, from girly basics, to skater denim and the microtrends that TikTok is obsessed with. If you want the same kind of style closer to home, Universal Store should be your go-to shop. It’s packed with current trends, as well as a few edgy and alternative pieces to spice up your wardrobe.

Honestly, if you’ve seen it in a TikTok try-on haul, you can probably find it at Universal store.

For a dupe of this upcoming green cardigan set from Pacsun, Luck & Trouble Checkerboard Knit Cardigan Green Check ($60) from Universal Store.

Pastel cardi sets have been all the rage on TikTok lately. (Credit: Instagram)

Want Madewell? Try SurfStitch

Americans who love laid-back casual chic love Madwell, and Aussies can get the same chill vibes with a kick of beach style from SurfStitch. You’ll still get the same loose, flowy styles, well-worn denims and fun graphic tees from SurfStitch, they’ll just be made with with the beach in mind given so many Aussies love ocean culture.

SurfStitch also brings together a whole bunch of brands with similar styles, so it’s the perfect one-stop shop.

For a dupe of The Perfect Vintage Jean ($195) from Madewell, try the Rollas Dusters Bootcut Jean ($149.95) from SurfStitch.

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans. (Credit: Instagram)

Want Aritzia? Try Dissh

Aritzia is the queen of everyday luxury when it comes to basics, neutrals and wardrobe staples. Here in Australia, Dissh serves the same high-end looks and clean-cut styles for shoppers who don’t necessarily want to buy from the US.

If you’re after a sleek blazer, a trendy knit or a statement style that’s still wearable, Dissh has you sorted.

For a dupe of the Wilfred Effortless Linen Pant ($148) and Proposal Button Up ($98) from Aritzia, shop the Wren Ink Drawstring Pant ($89.99) and Boyfriend Blazer ($129.99) from Dissh.

You can’t go wrong with a relaxed linen suit. (Credit: Instagram)

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