Why Cardigans Are The Eternal Spring Trend

And it has something to do with Harry Styles.
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Cardigans for spring are by no means groundbreaking, but there is yet to be an article of clothing so damn cute, cosy, and practical to surpass its reign.

WATCH: Harry Styles performs Watermelon Sugar at the Grammys 2021.

It’s frankly the perfect addition to a floral summer dress when the sky is still on the grey side.

Plus, in 2021, it’s no longer a matronly garment because we’ve all collectively realised a cropped cardi styled with a bra underneath is a party-ready look.

The simple cardigan has somehow become quite a lowkey cult classic, as it’s been involved in some iconic pop culture moments.

Let’s start with Taylor Swifts’ song Cardigan, about finding love again after feeling like “an old Cardigan.”

Then let’s travel to the ’90s when Cher from Clueless wore a totally extra fluff-cuffed cardigan, and Kurt Cobain won our hearts with his green cardi during an MTV Unplugged performance.

Now, back in the 2020s, we have been blessed by Harry Styles’ multi-coloured knitted JW Anderson number, which he wore during his Today Show performance while we lost our collective minds over it!

Tyler, The Creator is also a massive fan of the cardi. (Credit: Instagram)

And we’re not forgetting Olivia Rodrigo’s crochet cardi she wore on the cover of Variety magazine, as well as all the other cute looks she’s pulled off with the garment.

Even Tyler, The Creator is a fan a good cardi!

As you can see, this simple item has lowkey taken over the world, and it’s our most reachable spring cover-up – that’s some sartorial clout.

Start preparing your wardrobe for the season by poring over these incredible designs.

(Credit: The Iconic)

Shop Savel Indi Cardigan, $79.95 from The Iconic here. 

(Credit: Glassons)

Shop Contrast Trim Cable Knit Cardi, $23.99 from Revolve here. 

(Credit: The Iconic)

Shop Ownley Mimi Cardigan, $199.00 from The Iconic here. 

(Credit: Revolve)

Shop Cropped Swirl Button Up Cardi, $31.99 from Glassons here. 

Want to shop local?

To support your local indie fashion brands, these Aussie companies know how to make a cardi right! Plus, everyone will be asking where you got it from. And if you’re inclined to some arrogant but lighthearted banter, you can confidently reply, “You’ve never heard of them?”

This move will not win you friends, but it may garner a laugh. Our toxic trait aside, see these incredible cardigans by our talented Aussie creatives.

(Credit: Scarlet and Sam)

Shop Bolero x Biscuit, $155.00 from Scarlet and Sam here.

(Credit: Elka Collective)

Shop Estonia Knit, $229.00 from Elka Collective here. 

(Credit: Elka Collective)

Shop Augusta Knit Cardi, $270.00 from Elka Collective here. 

(Credit: Friend of Audrey)

Shop Miller Cable Knit Cardigan, $169.95 from Friend of Audrey here. 

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