All The Celeb-Loved Ways To Style 2021’s Trending Silk Scarf

French Rivera vibes & re-growth-covering talents - big wins all round.

Out of all the trends to come out of the late-90s and early naughties (think chokers, turtle necks and plaid) they have nothing on the rise of the humble silk scarve.

Since it was made famous by french starlets in the 60s, it’s clearly a top tier look. 

WATCH: Carla Bruni shares video from fashion week in the ’90s on Instagram.

The most-loved way celebs and the fashion elite wear the ever-chic silk scarf look is wearing it tied around your head or as we like to call it at Girlfriend – the Dutch Milkmaid.

It is fun to imagine yourself donning a headscarf with your hair flowing behind you as you eat cheese and bread, with your basket-ed pink bike beside you as you stroll along the Amsterdam canal.

This trend can be as inventive as you want to make it – from wearing it as a bracelet, a belt, a handbag strap or even a top (just be super weary of, er, wardrobe malfunctions…).

Still, we feel like it’s worked best as a hair accessory – this way, you can totally get away with not washing or brushing your hair without losing style points. Or, if you’ve got some pesky regrowth that you’re keen to cover… voila! Silk scarves are your new bestie. 

So to help with your new, silky scarf endeavours, we’ve popped together the best ways to style it – cos you deserve to live out your far-shun dreams seamlessly… without the wind whipping it off your noggin. 


Dutch influencer Amaka Hamelijnck even wears her headscarf in winter. (Credit: Instagram)

The Dutch Milkmaid 

A dash of vintage je ne sais quoi comes with styling a silk scarf around the frame of your face – it feels luxurious, but it is also so damn practical.

Like all of a sudden, who cares if you haven’t washed your hair (no one will know) and there is no threat of hair breakage from a flimsy hair tie.

To create the look, all you need to do is fold the scarf into a triangle, wrap it over your head and tie it under your hair.

TIP: If you want some light wispy bits to frame your face, just tie your hair back and pull out some strands before placing the scarf on your head.

Pair the look with some oversized 60s sunglasses – everyone will be gawking at your irresistible charm.

Aussie model Georgia Fowler keeping her hair fashionably in place at the beach. (Credit: Instagram)

The Bandanna Cap

This look is the Duch Milkmaids more ‘I am with the band’ and ‘bohemian groupie chick’ version of the trend.

Because it’s styled, the bandana ties around the head, as opposed to under the hair. It is more suitable for the beach or windy days because the back part of the scarf is held down.

TIP: To feel more secure, hold the sides down with bobby pins.

And thus, you can now run amok and dance to Ocean Ally’s Hot Chicken fuss-free.

Asap Rocky pls never stop being you. (Credit: Getty)

The Babushka 

It may have recently become a TikTok trend, but ASAP Rocky wearing a babushka inspired silk scarf is still living in our heads rent-free – and you’d best believe the image ain’t getting no eviction notice anytime soon.

Okay, admittedly, this style is a little more out there, but we boldly predict that this is the only way you will be wearing a silk scarf by summer 2021-22.

The attitude! The finesse! (Credit: Instagram)

Not only is it super comfortable and gives you some much needed cover from the sun, it also serves some serious you-don’t-wanna-mess-with-me energy.

TIP: The more drama, the better. BIG EARRINGS. BIG SUNGLASSES. BIG VIBES. 

Whatever trend Rihanna rocks we will shamelessly copy. (Credit: Getty)

The Twisted Headband 

This is the 2010s era approved way of wearing a silk scarf, and it’s still the best way to get into the trend.

It is probably wise to buy a silk scarf inspired headband, doing it on your own could take a while, Once you’ve whacked it on, it’s the easiest morning fix for messy hair – particular for those chic curly heads out there. 

TIP: Bobby pins girl, they are your best friend.

Ashley Benson proving fastening a silk scarf around your neck is super fresh. (Credit: Instagram)

The Girl Scout 

Following trends is kind of complicated, no? Because on the one hand, you desperately want to try it out, and on the other hand, you know how much more cooler it would be to be a trendsetter.

But here’s a lil secret – fastening a silk scarf around your neck is not just for Nona! It is badass, and it will have you lauded the most avant-garde fashion pioneer in your friendship group.

To make this edit look game-changing and not old fashioned, pair it with a band shirt and a Matrix-style leather jacket.

TIP: C O N F I D E N C E! 

Here are some elegantly-cool silk scarfs to shop! Keep scrolling so you can drive into the Amalfi coast with that uncanny European chic. 

(Credit: H&M)

Scarf/Headband, $7.00 from H&M. 

(Credit: H&M)

Pattern Silk Scarf, $24.99 from H&M

(Credit: Brandy Melville)

Floral Bandana, $8.00 from Brandy Melville

(Credit: Brandy Melville)

Plaid Bandana, $9.00 from Brandy Melville

(Credit: Sports Girl)

Elastic Gingham Headscarf, $9.95 from Sportsgirl

(Credit: Sportsgirl)

Ditsy Floral Scrunchies Hair Tie, $9.95 from Sportsgirl

(Credit: Shein)

Chain Pattern Bandana, $6.95 from Shein

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