Shein Wants You To Get In Touch With Your Bold Side This Summer

From day to night, there is something fabulous for any occasion.
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Despite the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House backdropping Shein’s first Australian runway show, we couldn’t turn our eyes away from the bold spectacle sprawling out onto the runway.

WATCH: Girlfriend at Shein’s first Australian fashion show.

The curated collection showed off multiple chapters to guide you through a full day in Shein – and its bold colours, flirty lengths, and trendy take on some of today’s most popular aesthetics for a dream wardrobe to satisfy any type of fashion gal.

Between each part, audiences were treated to a curated dance routine that effortlessly sprung us from morning to afternoon and into the night – oh and before we forget, two very cute dogs made their runway debut in the arms of very lucky modes.

There was not a moment empty of vision, whether it was the fresh clothes, or the pumping music, or the runway props, and that’s just what we would expect from a brand that wants to bring youth and bubblegum flavour to the Australian retail industry.

There were even dogs on the runway! (Credit: Girlfriend)

The show sat 130 guests and stars Josh Moss, Millie Fuller, Cassidy McGill, Cartier Surjan from Love Island, and Bachelor alums like Bella Varelis were sitting in the front row. 

Of course, they were all decked out in creations from the brand, and their looks featured the same bold gusto as the runway fashion.

Shein prides itself on creating pieces that incorporate high fashion, Instagram, and streetwear trends while keeping personality within their garments that speak to our desire to play with clothes and experiment with different cuts and styles.

In 2008 it burst out on the scene to grow a network that reaches 220 countries, and for over a decade, it has created a space for shoppers to embrace their individuality.

Shein took us from day to night. (Credit: Girlfriend)

We all know that dressing for your mood is the ultimate style play, and Shein gives us the OK to go all out and look like a whole new vibe on Monday to what we had on Friday.

Finally, we can be all the different people we are inside – our casual, glam, androgynous, girly, and beachy sides can now shine from all directions with the glee we have dreamt of all our fashion-loving lives.

Be bold this summer because Shein told you to be! (Credit: Girlfriend)

Watch our favourite looks from the runway in the video below. 

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You can shop Shein here for all the vibes you’ll ever need.

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