This oversized Victorian-era collars trend will have you feeling like a besotted Jane Austen character

We will take oversized collars over Mr Darcy any day!
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Oversized collars may not be the most glamorous sartorial choice, but they are Copenhagen it-girl cool, which is the pinnacle of a fashion indie darling with the best-layered looks in town.

WATCH: Gigi Hadid stuns at the Versace runway.

The bigger, the better is the go here as we break away from the tiny and refined trends over the past ten years of fashion (think: crop-tops, cut-outs, micro-collars and sleek silhouettes).

But if huge embroidered or lacy collars aren’t your thing, then subtle frills are a great substitute.

This lady-like look has been updated for the 2020s to be layered over androgynous cuts, printed pants, cottage-core dresses, and one of the best edits is wearing it over a lacy bra that peeks out from underneath.

Getting around this micro-trend as we enter the warmer months will also upgrade your winter wardrobe to a level of high fashion edge that is totally underrated.

So, it is not quite like the stuffy Victorian-era aesthetic but rather, the under layers that wouldn’t dare be seen by anyone but you and your corsetiere. In the 80s, although the trend was still popular, it was soaked up by the other huge details from the period, like massive sleeves and shoulder pads.

But these grand Peter Pan collars will forever be synonymous with Princess Diana’s silk tafeta wedding dress by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. The iconic gown was recently brought back to life on The Crown, which depicted actress Emma Corrin in plenty of large collars.

Emma Corrin on The Crown wearing a recreation of Princess Diana’s wedding dress. (Credit: Netflix)

And it’s not just wedding dress that we’ve seen this trend appear on. The look was also heralded for decades by the late Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who said she wore oversized collars to bring “something typical of women” to her traditional black robes.

When you are wearing your oversized collar, you can pick your vibe! Do you want to be a Victorian-era damsel (but secretly a wicked smart queen)? An 80s princess? Or a feminist judge trailblazing law reform? Pick your player!

The oversized Peter Pan collar has really been a secret aesthetic full of strength that has been worn by women who have made their mark on history, as will you in your own important way.

Imani Randolph. (Credit: Instagram)

A muted mono-coloured style can be elevated by an oversized Peter Pan collar. 

Megan Ellaby. (Credit: Instagram)

Styling a Victorian-era collar over 70s jackets and clashing patterns plus Converse give the ensemble a modern twist. 

Nnenna. (Credit: Instagram)

The romantic look can hint to a dash of edgy with a splash of skin showing. 

Bella Hadid. (Credit: Instagram)

If you aren’t completely feeling the oversized Victorian-era Peter Pan vibes, opting for a frilled collar a la Bella Hadid is a chic alternative. 

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