Style icon Mia Hewitt is paving her own way in the Aussie fashion world

Bec and Lleyton Hewitt's oldest child is one to watch!
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She may be the oldest child of a Home and Away star and tennis champion, but Mia Hewitt is very much paving her own path. In fact, the 15-year-old is already setting her sights on a career as an actress and top model. 

WATCH BELOW: Bec and Mia Hewitt are mum/daughter goals

As she begins to slowly but surely step into the spotlight, we’ve rounded up all there is to know about Mia Hewitt.

So, when she blows up and becomes the next top model, you can brag and say you totally knew of her before everyone else.

mia hewitt
Mia wants to be a star in her own right. (Credit: Instagram)

Who is Mia Hewitt?

Mia is the firstborn child of golden couple Bec and Lleyton Hewitt, who if you haven’t heard of them yet, are pretty much Aussie showbiz royalty.

But apart from being born into fame, Mia no longer wants to just be the daughter of a tennis ace and an actress – she wants to be a star in her own right.

Yep, this driven and stylish teen has hopes and dreams just like the rest of us, and with her unquestionable talent, we won’t be surprised if she flies the flag for the next generation of Hewitts on the showbiz stage. 

How old is Mia Hewitt?

This year Mia will be blowing out 16 candles, as she recently celebrated turning 15 on November 29. She was born in 2005.

mia hewitt
“Mia’s five-year plan is to move to either New York or Paris and make a name for herself.” (Credit: Instagram)

What Does Mia Hewitt do?

According to the Daily Mail, the high school student started her first day of casual work last year at a Christian Dior boutique in Sydney. While she may have a bright future in fashion retail, Mia apparently hopes to one day become a model.  

“Mia’s five-year plan is to move to either New York or Paris and make a name for herself,” a source told Woman’s Day magazine last year.

She’s also keen to try her hand at acting – just like her mum. 

“She’s told Bec she’d love a gig on Home And Away, just like her mum had at around her age. But she says that’s just to pay the bills before she breaks into modelling big-time,” the insider explained to Woman’s Day. 

She’s previously had a few gigs in the past, where in 2018 she had a starring role alongside her mum as an ambassador for hair care brand Palmolive. She’s also used to modelling alongside her mum for magazine covers, which will definitely come in handy should she want to take on modelling.

A keen fashionista in 2018, Mia and Bec jetted to France for a mummy-daughter trip to Paris Fashion Week.

mia and bec hewitt
Mia wanted to follow in her mum Bec’s (right) footsteps as an actor. (Credit: Instagram)

Who are Mia Hewitt’s parents?

Mia’s mum, also known to the world as Bec Hewitt, is an Australian actress and singer. She’s best known for playing Hayley Smith Lawson on Home and Away, and she also released a pop music album in 2002.

In 2005, she married professional tennis player Lleyton Hewitt – aka Mia’s dad – and they quickly became Australia’s ultimate couple goals.

How many siblings does Mia Hewitt have?

Mia has two siblings, a 12-year-old brother Cruz and a 10-year-old sister Ava. Over the years, the three have starred in a series of exciting campaigns, commercials and projects together.

Does Mia Hewitt have Instagram?

Sadly her account is on private. Buuut her mum Bec shares the odd pic of her and her sister on her account, which you can follow here. 

bec hewitt mia
Mia had a starring role alongside her mum as an ambassador for hair care brand Palmolive. (Credit: Palmolive)

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