Make Your Own Tie-Dye Bandana

Need some crafty DIY fun? Rock your DIY tie-dye bandana with a cute tee and denim cut-offs.

Tie-dye is having a major moment this summer and the brighter the colour, the more on-trend. It’s also a cool effect you can get with almost no effort, and every finished bandana is as individual as you are! Just check out these easy steps and you’ll be dye-ing to get yours done!


• White cotton

• Scissors

• Elastic bands

• Rubber gloves

• DIY tie-dye kit

STEP 1 Cut your white cotton into a 50x50cm square and give it a wash to remove any coating. Pinch your square in the middle and pull it up into a tube shape, then tie it in sections with rubber bands. Start with one about 3cm from the top, continuing every 3cm along the fabric. Make sure the bands are as tight as possible.

STEP 2 Place plastic down under your work area and put on rubber gloves. Then follow the instructions on your tie-dye kit to mix up the dye. Begin carefully squirting the dye onto the cotton.

STEP 3 Once dry, untie your elastic bands and iron your cotton flat to reveal your pattern.

STEP 4 Fold your square in half diagonally. Then create a long strip out of your cotton by folding the base of the triangle up about 2.5–5cm toward the tip of the triangle. Then secure your bandana by tying a double knot around your head.

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