The Classic Jewellery Christmas Gift Guide To Suit Every Budget

Treat your best friends... and maybe also yourself.

With Christmas just around the corner and (conscious and not excessive) gift-giving on the agenda, you’ve probably scrolled through your fair share of gift guides by now.

While skincare and beauty gifts are a relatively safe staple, and you already know exactly what to get your friend who’s obsessed with baby Yoda and comic books, what about jewellery? Given it can be so personal it can sometimes be a bit of a minefield. Maybe someone loves a simple chain necklace but can’t stand a dangly earring or maybe they’re an exclusively gold or silver person?

Below, we round up some of our favourite jewellery brands making the classics that we think could slot into every gal’s bauble wardrobe.


It’s hard to imagine a jewellery gift guide without a mention of the iconic Pandora. Whether someone you know has a charm bracelet going already or not, you’re definitely going to find something that suits among their selection.

What’s also nice to see is the brand committing to becoming carbon neutral by 2025! They’re also moving towards using precious metals that can be infinitely recycled. 


Polished Wishbone Ring, $39 from Pandora.


Asymmetrical Heart Hoop Earrings, $49 from Pandora.

Medley Jewellery

This Aussie-born Jewellery label is all about encouraging wearing your jewels for yourself, a sentiment we can definitely get behind.

We also love that they use quality materials like 10ct gold and 925 Sterling silver—these pieces are designed to be worn through your whole life, not just the times when you’re putting on a ~going out dress~, though they’re perfect for then too.

medley jewellery

Boyfriend Figaro Chain, $179 from Medley Jewellery.


Cable Knit Bracelet, $49 from Medley Jewellery

Lion Wild

Remember matching best friend necklaces? Consider the beautiful jewellery offering from Lion Wild a very upgraded version and perfect for gifting to your bestie this Christmas. And if you’re shopping for your mum or sis? They have you covered with sweet matching necklaces for those relationships too.

Lion Wild is all about creating jewellery for the bold and free-spirited. Fittingly, their pieces are also perfect for those pals always at the beachthese high-quality pieces are water-safe!

lion wild

Sun Temple Ring In Gold, $79 from Lion Wild.

lion wild

Best Friend Necklaces, $180 from Lion Wild.

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