The Cool Girl’s Guide To Finding Your Signature Style

The keys to feeling comfortable and confident.

When it comes to “cool girls kicking goals”, you don’t have to look much further than Ilsa Watkins.

The Sydney gamer started her YouTube channel as the 2020 lockdown began – and has since amassed 609,000 subscribers (and almost 300,000 followers on Instagram).

Posting everything from her achievements in Minecraft and attempts to play Fortnite, to completing internet challenges and sharing vlogs on her life, Ilsa knows a thing or two about owning (and celebrating) what makes her stand out.

So, here are her tips on how to find a style that is truly unique.

Comfort is key

For Ilsa, the number one rule when it comes to her signature style is that is must be comfortable.

“It doesn’t matter how amazing an outfit might look, if I don’t feel comfy in it, I won’t be having a good time,” she says.

Ilsa Watkins
(Credit: Life Without Andy)

Her wardrobe staples?

“Sneakers or flat shoes, and nothing too precious that would stop me from having a fun night out!”

Say it with accessories

“Accessorising with jewellery is an awesome way to maintain your individuality, while still following trends,” says Ilsa.

The new Pandora ME collection is made to mix and match, so you can wear what you want, your way – and tell the world what’s most important to you.

“I love incorporating the Pandora ME mini dangles to my rings using the ring connectors,” says Ilsa, who rarely goes a day without accessories.

Ilsa Watkins for Pandora ME
(Credit: Life Without Andy)

“The ‘Happy’ mini dangle is my favourite, and it’s a nice reminder throughout the day to smile and enjoy whatever I’m doing.”

The range is also endlessly customisable, so Ilsa often changes her look during the day.

“It’s so easy to change up the combinations…I can express my own style and creativity for whatever mood I’m feeling,” she says. 

Don’t forget about the face

Ilsa’s relaxed style also extends to her beauty looks, with the content creator embracing the claw clip to give her hair an effortless updo.

“I love how they give a ‘put-together’ look, while also requiring very low effort,” she says.

“Plus, by getting your hair off your face and neck, you can show off any cute earrings and necklaces you’re wearing!”

Despite spending a lot of her time in front of the camera, she also keeps it simple when it comes to her makeup, with “a small smoked wing, nude lip and lots of blush”.

Ilsa Watkins
(Credit: Life Without Andy)

A journey worth having

The beauty of finding your signature style is that it’s never set in stone – plus, there’s lots to be said for enjoying the process of figuring out a look that is as individual as you.

“It’s a process that won’t happen overnight,” says Ilsa.

“I definitely don’t think I’ve fully figured my own style out yet! So just have fun experimenting with different looks that you feel drawn to, and make you feel confident.”

And in time, she says, “you’ll naturally find the pieces that feel the most ‘you’.”

Sponsored by Pandora.

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