Itty Bitty Mini Dresses Are Your Hot Girl Summer Staple

Let's get ready to party like a guest at Great Gatsby's iconic soirées.
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It doesn’t matter if you’ve been holed up in your house in drawstrings or living in a city with buzzkill restrictions (which don’t inspire fancy dress), you’re probably fantasising of a utopic post-Covid world.

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Tomorrow may not be Freedom Day, nor may next week, but it feels like we are closer than ever to tucking this whole ordeal away.

We would like to bring to your attention that you will dress to the nines once the golden gates of the days pre-Covid begin to open up.

You will be overcompensating like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City. And it won’t matter if it’s a small brunch or a big event, because you will dress like a starlet at the height of her career.

In the United States, the term Hot Girl Summer was springing up all over social media, and even though their plans were somewhat squandered (turns out pandemics don’t just go away because we said they have), we feel confident that our Hot Gal Summer will come, it WILL come.

And when it comes, you’re going to want to be wearing itty bitty mini dresses, and at Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022, the trend dominated the season.

Nensi Dojaka, Spring/Summer 2021. (Credit: Getty)

Fashion labels Saint Sintra, Missoni, Ports 1961, Prada, and Nensi Dojaka, sent the shortest and most body-conscious dresses down the runway, and it’s divine because, by gosh, above all, we deserve to feel hot hot hot this vaccinated summer. 

Also, it’s not just tiny frocks we’re encouraging, we believe it’s only fair we can bring out the sequins, the glitter, and the lace, and it does not need to be elegant, refined, classy, or even cohesive.

I think we have earned some chaotic fashion moments to last us a while.

So, let’s get into it! We have raided our favourite fashion retailers to bring you guys the ultimate Hot Girl Summer mini dresses.

(Credit: Born In August)

Rumi Mini, $259.00 from Born In August. 

(Credit: Tuchuzy)

Rhodes Long Sleeve Dress, $90.00 from Tuchuzy. 

(Credit: Tuchuzy)

Rhodes Long Sleeve Dress, $239.00 from Tuchuzy. 

(Credit: The Iconic)

The Wolf Gang Montana One Shoulder Mini Dress, $229.00 from The Iconic. 

(Credit: Faithful The Brand)

Winslow Mini Dress, $189.00 from Faithful The Brand. 

(Credit: Hello Molly)

No Toning Down Dress Orange, $75 from Hello Molly 

(Credit: Nookie)

Dita Mesh Mini, $299.00 from Nookie. 

(Credit: Nookie)

Confetti Mini, $289.00 from Nookie. 

(Credit: Bec and Bridge)

Magenta Magic Mini Dress, $280.00 from Bec & Bridge. 

(Credit: Tuchuzy)

Sunny Mini Dress, $199.00 from Tuchuzy. 

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