Harry Styles’ Favourite Fashion Trend Is Your Summer Obsession

Your dad loves it too.
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Harry Styles is a fashion king, and while his evolution over the years have seen him experiment with feminine cuts, high waisted pants, and ugly jumpers, his most beloved and go-to trend is Hawaiian shirts.

WATCH: Harry Styles performs Watermelon Sugar at the Grammys 2021.

Yes! Those breezy and colourful island shirts your dad loves are filling Harry’s closet to the brim.

It’s not hard to see why. After all, they’re perfectly androgynous but can also look girly and flirty depending on how you choose to style them.

Their designs feature whimsical florals or gorgeous landscapes, with the odd bird thrown into the art.

Wait, epiphany! Are Hawaiian shirts wearable art? Ok, probably not, but we could… claim it confidently, and no one would know the difference?

For Australians, it suits our relaxed approach to summer dressing, which is down-to-earth and easy to throw over bathers.

In his One Direction days, Harry was memorably relaxed about how many buttons he chose to do up, and he was always seen with skinny black jeans (really a relic of those times).

A fashion hero if we ever needed one! (Credit: Instagram)

While we suggest you absolutely skip (or burn) the skinny jeans, his shirts will bring a smile to your face every day.

Watermelon Sugar fame Harry wears his vibrant pieces over a white singlet and wide-legged pants, which freshens up his original aesthetic – and will give you all the style props.

Of course, Gucci has been churning these out for a couple of years now, and as we know, our charming Lothario is decked out in the Italian brand’s designs.

But please, do not fret, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on these shirts, as there are plenty in local stores, op-shops, and hey even your dad’s closet – let’s be honest, he isn’t like mum, he will have no idea it ever went missing, even when you’re wearing it in front of him.

So, say aloha to these Hawaiian shirts. 

(Credit: Double Rainbouu)

Wall Flower Hawaiian Shirt, $97.50, Double Rainbouu. 

(Credit: Double Rainbouu)

Glossy Possy Hawaiian Shirt, $174.00, Double Rainbouu. 

(Credit: Double Rainbouu)

Ghost Stripe Hawaiian Shirt, $89.50, Double Rainbouu.

(Credit: Double Rainbouu)

Moon Safari Dawn Hawaiian, $89.50, Double Rainbouu. 

(Credit: Revolve)

Old Hollywood Hawaiian Shirt, $145.74, Revolve. 

(Credit: Vrg Grl)

By The Pool Button Front Shirt, $59.00, Verg Grl. 

(Credit: The Iconic)

Casa Lucia Shirt, $108.00, The Iconic. 

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