Harry Styles Just Won Himself A Grammy But All We Care About Is His Feather Boa Collection

Congrats to our man and us for his new feathery fits.

Congrats may be in order to our man Harry Styles for striking gold at the Grammys earlier this evening, but all the internet cares about is his fluffy and camp collection of feather boas.

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His first look for the evening, which he wore when he accepted his award for Best Pop Solo Performance for Watermelon Sugar, was an homage to Clueless and 90s blazers.

We’re talking a Prince of Wales printed blazer with a distinctly Harry-esque woollen pink Prince of Wales printed jumper underneath, paired with a pair of brown corduroy pants and beige loafers. Giving the outfit that extra campy finish, Harry dressed his neck with a purple feather boa — and looked super charming. 

Harry Styles
Harry Styles walking the Grammy red carpet with his new favourite accessory: a feather boa (Credit: Getty.)

Then, it happened. Oops, our heart went boom, as the TikTok sound goes. 

Harry opened the show with a sultry rendition of Watermelon Sugar that certainly gave us a Styles-induced sugar high 😌, and came out in an open-chested leather suit with a soft-green feather boa.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles’s green feather boa look during his Grammy performance of Watermelon Sugar. (Credit: Getty.)

Halfway through the song, Harry threw the boa off his body to reveal he wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath the jacket, dancing around on stage adorably. 

WATCH: Harry Styles performs Watermelon Sugar at Grammys 2021

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And, look, while we’re nothing but a puddle after his performance — legit, it’s very hard to write as a liquified being — we know we’re not alone.

All the internet can think about is Harry Styles and his feather boa collection:

Someone who is super proud of her pal and his achievements? Lizzo. The Truth Hurts singer took to Instagram to share a candid in-the-moment pic of her and her British boy band bro, with a message in all caps — and all hearts — “HARRY WON A GRAMMY!!!”

Harry Styles
Harry Styles and Lizzo backstage of the Grammys 2021. (Credit: Instagram.)

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