Move Over Little J, There Are New GG Fashion Queens In Town

Obsessed with the Gossip Girl outfits? So are we!
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What do you do when you go to an incredibly preppy high school and come from a wealthy family? You dress to impress of course.

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If you’ve watched the original Gossip Girl series, then you’ll know all too well just how important your OOTD is.

We mean for real, these Upper East siders take it way too seriously – heaven forbid you’re caught in anything from last season – and it’s definitely reflected in the Gossip Girl reboot, currently streaming on Binge now.

But while their obsession with their outfits may seem a little crazy, it’s certainly serving us plenty of fashion inspiration.

So, to see some of the must-have Gossip Girl 2.0 outfits so far, keep scrolling and shop their dupes below.

gossip girl julian boots
These boots were defs made for walking. (Credit: Getty)

If there’s one person we should be looking to for fashion inspo, it’s Jordan Alexander – AKA Julien Calloway – with the actress killing it as the Queen B of the front steps of Constance Billard prep school.

Her personality is as fierce as her outfits, and just about everything she wears is a total vibe. Case in point the above fit.

Vinyl black pants? Check. Vinyl ankle boots? Also check. Flawless over-the-shoulder look as you get papped on the street? Err, maybe not.

But who’s to say you won’t feel like you’re being chased by paparazzi when you look this good.

So, to get the same look, keep scrolling to see our match-ups for the pants and boots.

vinyl leggings
Tall Vinyl Leggings. (Credit: Boohoo)

Buy these Tall Vinyl Leggings for $19 from Boohoo here.

ankle boots
Pointed Block Heel Sock Boots. (Credit: Boohoo)

Buy these Pointed Block Heel Sock Boots from Boohoo for $35 here.

gossip girl
Stay cosy, xoxo. (Credit: Getty)

Who doesn’t love an oversized cardigan moment? There’s just something so cosy about it – it’s a total winter dream. And Emily Alyn Lind, who plays Audrey Hope, seems to agree.

Plus, pair it with some stylish boots and it’s an instant runway moment.

The look also reflects Audrey’s character, who Emily once told Harper’s BAZAAR is “classic”.

“She’s very into classic, old-fashion type things… So I think that she has a very classic look,” Emily said.

So, to get the same classic look that Audrey has, scroll down to see our match-ups for the cardigan and boots.

white cardigan
White belted balloon sleeve oversized knitted cardigan. (Credit: Missguided)

Buy the white belted balloon sleeve oversized knitted cardigan from Missguided for $30.99 here.

Black faux leather block heel sock boots. (Credit: Missguided)

Buy the black faux leather block heel sock boots from Missguided for $53.99 here.

gossip girl orange dress
Orange is always in. (Credit: Getty)

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a look.

Forget a mini-black dress for your next night out, because orange is definitely the new black.

Such an effortless and classy look, you really just need to let the dress do all the talking.

And worn by somebody like Whitney Peak, who is currently playing Zoya Lott, she definitely knows how to work a dress like this. I mean it comes as no surprise considering she’s Julian’s half-sister on the show.

And there’s no doubt that taste runs in this family.

So, scroll down for our match-up for the dress.

orange dress
Neon Orange Strappy Sequin Bodycon Dress. (Credit: Pretty Little Thing)

Buy the Neon Orange Strappy Sequin Bodycon Dress from Pretty Little Thing for $45 here.

gossip girl
If you don’t already have a trench coat lying around, then what are you waiting for? (Credit: Getty)

Winter is well and truly here, and what better staple item to have in your closet than the classic trench coat.

It goes with just about everything and anything, and is a total must-have if you ask us.

And if you don’t want to take our word on it, then you should take it from Julian herself, because she knows how to rock a winter coat.

So, scroll down to see our match-up.

trench coat
Petite Stone Woven Oversized Trench Coat. (Credit: Pretty Little Thing)

Buy the Petite Stone Woven Oversized Trench Coat from Pretty Little Thing for $71 here.

gossip girl
It’s all about the shoes. (Credit: Getty)

Sometimes an outfit is all about the shoes, and this is the perfect example of such an instance.

You can wear just about anything, but pair it with some eye-grabbing shoes? You’ll have an ultimate outfit on your hands.

Zion Moreno, who plays Luna La and is Julien’s stylist/social media assistant, shows us just how true that testament is, as she struts the steps in those gorgeous boots.

So, scroll on for our match-up for these stunning brown boots.

brown suede boots
Rae Boots. (Credit: The Iconic)

Buy the Rae Boots from The Iconic for $89.99 here.

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