Kaia Gerber and Emma Chamberlain have manifested it: flared leggings are back

The bottoms formerly known as "yoga pants" are having a moment.

If there is one unfailing thing we can depend on when it comes to fashion, it’s this: what goes around, inevitably, comes around. We have dispensed with our carefully curated collection of skinny jeans for skater-inspired wide-leg jeans options, ’90s inspired hair-dye trends and modern mullets are bigger than ever, and now, it’s finally happened: the return of the yoga pants. Oh, pardon us, flared leggings.

It started with a little trickle, cool fashion girls on Instagram started rocking distinctly flared leggings at the height of our pandemic-induced loungewear moment.

Back in August, Kaia Gerber debuted a new collab with Bleusalt and while they’re called The Kaia Pant, they’re absolutely just very luxe flared leggings.

Gerber is pretty regularly held up as a Gen Z style icon, especially for her recent couple-dressing efforts with Aussie actor Jacob Elordi. Her endorsement of the comfy flared yoga pants look definitely alerted people to the growing popularity of the trend.

However, we knew we’d reached the flared leggings tipping point when one Miss Emma Chamberlain tweeted her feelings about the once regrettable look. “is it bad that i want flare yoga pants and uggs to come back im so sorry but it was so comfortable please,” the YouTube star tweeted in early October.

While there were *many* people in her replies absolutely disavowing the return of the flared-yoga-pant-legging-whatever-you-wanna-call-it situation of the 2000s, others were pretty on board!

“oh they are so good can u bring them back for us everyone listens to u,” replied one user. Well, taking to her Instagram stories, it looks like Chamberlain is doing exactly that.

Emma Chamberlain flared leggings

In her post, Chamberlain styled her flared leggings with a simple grey Nike jumper, over what looks like a white mock-neck shirt and a fittingly comfy wide white headband.

Pretty much instantly flared leggings née yoga pants were trending on TikTok, with users posting their videos of themselves trying on the trend. 

And inevitably, there came the videos roasting Gen Z for their sudden flipflop on this divisive throwback trend.


The Original Yoga Pants are back. Gen Z is inappropriately calling them flaredleggings. #millennialsontiktok #millennialsvsgenz #greenscreen

♬ According to You – Elise Lieberth

Whether you’re suddenly shook that the yoga pants you’ve been neglecting in the back of your cupboard are now deemed cool again, or you’re baby and are googling for a cute pair yourself, it looks one thing we can all agree on is sticking around: dressing for comfort. Hard agree on that.

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flared leggings yoga pants

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