Olivia Rodrigo Loves A Good Kilt And So Should You

It's the trend that always comes back!
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At a certain point in history, the kilt went from a token of Scottish Highland culture to fashion’s sexiest garment.

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The piece, which dates back as far as the 16th century, has been an endless source of inspiration for fashion designers.

In 2021, the undeniably gender-fluid kilt has remerged as a trend, with fashion houses like Molly Goddard and Louis Vuitton showcasing it in their collections.

Celebrities are getting in on it too, Olivia Rodrigo wore a mini kilt on set, and singer Lil Nas X wore a midi-length take on the trend for his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

He masterfully styled his kilt with an oversized white blazer, no shirt, and Dr Martens platforms, reminiscent of the 90s Punk era in London.

In the nineties and naughties, the kilt made headlines and considerably impacted fashion when it started getting designed by Vivienne Westwood and the late Alexander McQueen, who was of Scottish heritage.

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Famed designer Marc Jacob has featured the kilt through a plethora of fashion collections throughout his career, and he wore one to the Met Gala in 2011 to pay tribute to McQueen.

The traditional red tartan pattern associated with the design is also entirely delectable on jackets, pants, shirts, and so on.

It’s perhaps one of the most versatile patterns to traverse from traditional to unconventional.

The insatiable love of all things 90s and 000s is seemingly going from strength to strength, and it’s unsurprising that within these shifting times that the world has leaned on trends of bygone eras.

This trend is worth the investment because you will be recycling it within your wardrobe for the rest of your life.

So here is where you can find your forever kilt.

(Credit: Asos)

Minga London Mini Pleated Skirt In Blue Plaid, $62.40 from Asos can be found here. 

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Tania Petite Check Kilt Mini Skirt, $79.99 from Forever New can be found here. 

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Stradivarius Pleated Tennis Skirt In Check, $30.00 from Asos can be found here. 

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Tania Check Kilt Mini Skirt, $79.99 from Forever New can be found here. 

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Asos Design 90s Pleated Kilt In Camel, $36.00 from Asos can be found here. 

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