The 5 Style Rules To Break Right Now

Because some rules are made to be broken.

When it comes to fashion, there have always been certain ‘rules’ about what we should and shouldn’t wear. But, in 2021, we’re throwing them all out the window – because sometimes, you’ve got to the break the rules to stand out.

Gone are the days when we follow traditional fashion advice – now it’s all about reinvention, self-expression and dressing to impress only ourselves.

So here are the long-established style rules we are saying ‘goodbye’ to for good.   

“Loungewear is only for the couch”

loungewear street style
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After nearly two years of being stuck inside, loungewear is having a major fashion moment.

We’re taking those cozy trackpants and hoodies outdoors, because being comfortable no longer means we must sacrifice on style.

With sets in quality fabrics and colours you can mix and match, all you need to do is swap the slippers for a pair of sneakers, add some sunnies and you’re set.

“Less is more”

Addison Rae Pandora ME jewellery collection

Whoever said “less is more” when it comes to fashion clearly didn’t think about accessories. Our jewellery often says more than our clothes when it comes to expressing who we are and plays a big part in what makes our style unique.

That’s what Pandora’s new collection, Pandora ME, is all about – it celebrates being bold and creative, with an entirely customisable range.

Think stackable rings in mixing and matching metals, necklaces and bracelets with interchangeable styling and connecting links and all-new mini dangles in tongue-in-cheek designs to show the world what you’re made of.

Plus, they’ve joined forces with the some of the most individual and stylish names in music and creativity – like Addison Rae, Charli XCX and Beabadoobee – for the launch.

“Socks and sandals are not a good pair”

colourful socks and sandals streetwear
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Once the territory of dorky dads on a family vacation, the cool-pool-slides-with-socks trend has taken off, and it’s celebrity endorsed (Justin Bieber, Sophie Turner and Rihanna are all fans).

Quality socks in quirky patterns really make this look stand out… with the fashion elite even rocking the look with a pair of sky-high heels for a night out. Fancy. 

“Brown and black don’t match”

brown and black streetstyle
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Once the ultimate style taboo, the colour combo is making a comeback.

The dark hues actually complement each other and can bring a whole look together – think black jeans with a brown jacket or brown shoes with a black dress.

“Mixing prints is a big no-no”

mixing prints bright colours streetstyle
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The best part about mixing and matching patterns and prints? It’s unbelievably fun.

Who says you can’t wear what you want, when you want? If a striped skirt and a floral shirt is what you’re feeling for the day, then go for it.

The key is mixing big, bold patterns with smaller, subtle details – and keeping your looks along the same colour palette.

Sponsored by Pandora.

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