Join The Counter Culture By Discovering These Affordable Alternatives Of The Classic Dr. Martens

You can look cool and still afford brunch!
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Combat boots aren’t just a seasonal trend! They are a lifestyle choice that knows no rules.

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A true connoisseur knows that this androgynous and chunky shoe can be worn in rain or shine, to work or on a night out, with a summer dress or a structured coat.

There is no wrong way to don your boot, and a real lover will wear them down until the sole falls off – which is quite a feat considering how sturdy the shoe is.

The trend began as a counterculture movement in the 80s British fashion scene, and in the 90s, Dr. Marten’s took over London and eventually the world.

Dr. Martens are now considered mainstream, but they are still synonymous with the arts, creativity, and rebellion – despite even parents are wearing them these days.

They may be the OG iteration of the edgy combat boot, which explains their extra luxe price point that has caused decades of teenagers to save the little money they made over the summer to get their hands on a pair.

Of course, it’s savvy to hoard your pennies to live out your punk ambitions, but before you miss out on getting brunch with your friends, it may be advantageous to explore some affordable dupes of Dr. Martens.

An influencer in combat boots at Australia Fashion Week. (Credit: Getty)

Because let’s be frank, it’s no longer original to stomp around in Docs, so perhaps it’s more rebellious and authentic to dabble in some other brands.

The alternatives on the market are equally sturdy, bold, resilient and outfit elevating.

It’s even more likely that they won’t overpower your outfit because your look will be harder to pin down.

Think about it like the tired trend of wearing brand names from head to toe. It teeters in and out of fashion as it ebbs and flows between cool and tacky – sometimes, it’s cooler to wear items that can’t be labelled for some sartorial mystery.

To discover some epic alternatives to Dr. Martens that won’t hurt your bank account, scroll down and make your own judgement.

(Credit: The Iconic)

Shop Betts Razor Chunky Ankle Boots, $109.99 from The Iconic here.  

(Credit: The Iconic)

Shop Freelance Shoes Crucian, $129.95 from The Iconic here. 

(Credit: The Iconic)

Shop Therapy Nadia, $99.95 from The Iconic here. 

(Credit: Showpo)

Shop Billini Xara Boots In Black, $109.95 from Showpo here. 

(Credit: The Iconic)

Shop EOS Lois, $259.95 from The Iconic here. 

(Credit: The Iconic)

Shop Jo Mercer Zig Knee Boots, $299.95 from The Iconic here. 

(Credit: Pretty Little Thing)

Shop Black Lace Up Extreme Cleated Sole Hiker Botts, $54.00 from Pretty Little Thing here. 

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