Definitive Proof The Early 2000’s Are Trending Again

The Simple Life
Ok we know the nineties have been hot for like forever now, but based on recent evidence we’re seeing a major shift towards an early 2000’s style revival. Yep, all the stuff you remember your older sister/babysitter/foetus Britney Spears wearing like it was no thing – is suddenly a thing again. DO call it a comeback. 
1. Kendall tendrils!
In 2001 it was compulsory to extract two strands from your ponytail – the skinnier those strands the better – and let them fly in front of your face. Extra points for managing to keep them from sticking to your lipgloss (see: number 4). We’ve clocked not only Kendall but Gigi, Bella AND Hayley rocking these bad boys lately. And weirdly, we’re not hating them.
(Credit: Getty Images)
2. Patent leather pants!
Last seen on Buffy the Vampire Slayer circa ’02 and definitely worn with a halter top and not that fabulous pastel blue coat. But when Alexa says they’re hot, they’re hot. (These we suspect are also physically hot.) Get the talcum powder ready.
(Credit: Getty Images)
3. Hair bling!
In 2004 there were SAH MANY HAIR CLIPS.  And hair gems. And hair metallic twisty things. Decorating your mane with plastic accessories was just da bomb. Our bet? Butterfly clips Grace Miley’s new ‘do next. We’ll put a fiver on it.
4. Lip gloss!
Somewhere between the era of lip liner and the birth of the matte lip was the time of lip gloss. And what a time it was. The glossier, the stickier, the more “JUICY” the better. (remember Lancome Juicy Tubes? They RULED this trend.) Now thanks to Kim we’re pretty sure it’s gonna happen again. Don’t shoot the messenger.
5. Tommy jeans!
You’d have to be hiding behind a clunky, nineties era mobile telephone without wifi to have missed the Tommy Jeans revival of earlier this year. The brand relaunched with hotties OTM Lucky Blue Smith and Hailey Baldwin, partnered up on a collab with Gigi, and it was basically like they were telling Calvin Klein “Guys, two can play at that game.” Another GF prediction? Hipster jeans will make their (unwelcome) return.

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