Your oldschool favourite Groovy Chick is back, thanks to Daisy Street and ASOS

There is some powerful nostalgia going on right here!

Please to inform you that as well as ’90s style and Y2K-inspired wide-leg jeans being back bigger than ever, another legend of the ’00s is back. In proof that time is a flat circle, the Groovy Chick character and her colourful, fashion-loving self are back. Created by Bang On The Door, Groovy Chick (and her friends) are the little fashion icons most of us remember growing up with, and now beloved clothing company Daisy Street and ASOS are bringing them back.

Daisy Street is a label you’ve almost certainly seen on some of your favourite Instagrammers. They’re known for their playful, colourful clothes so the Groovy Chick collaboration makes perfect sense. The two pieces of the Daisy Street Groovy Chick collection on ASOS include a green t-shirt with our homegirl chilling out lying down and a white t-shirt that has a sweet daisy print on the chest, with a pink and green print of Groovy Chick on the back.

Unsurprisingly, fans have gone wild for the styles, sharing their glee on Twitter. Per Bustle, one Twitter user wrote: “I thought I’d never see her again… but here she is,” meanwhile another added: “Wait, you can get Groovy Chick merch from ASOS??? I need it all immediately.”

At the time of writing, the Daisy Street Groovy Chick styles have flown off the virtual shelves are a currently out of stock on ASOS. But never fear, if you’re wondering where to buy the coveted Daisy Street x Groovy Chick ASOS styles, you can also cop them on the Daisy Street website.

Shop the Daisy Street Groovy Chick collection:

Daisy Street Groovy Chick

Daisy Street X Groovy Chick Relaxed White T-Shirt with Groovy Chick Print, $41 from Daisy Street.

Daisy Street groovy chick

Daisy Street X Groovy Chick Relaxed Green T-Shirt with Groovy Chick Print, $37 from Daisy Street.

Between this nostalgic fashion revival and the return of the Lancôme Juicy Tube and Stila Lip Glaze lipglosses also making a comeback, it looks like we’re gonna be riding this 2000s wave for a while!

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